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More about One Sky and CSSL

Conservation Society of Sierra Leone

The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) is a non-profit organization that exists to promote conservation (wise use) and management of natural resources for sustainable development in Sierra Leone. Their vision is to make CSSL play a key role in influencing and implementing programmes for conservation, sustainable development and improved living conditions in Sierra Leone. CSSL has been in existence since 1986 and has branches across Sierra Leone with headquarters in Freetown. CSSL is the Sierra Leonean member for the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and are currently working to protect the Gola Forest in the Kenema District. They coordinate the Environmental Forum for Africa (ENFORAC) - a network of environmental non-governmental organizations in Sierra Leone. CSSL has well-developed relationships and programs with other environmental organizations, the government, the public/communities and universities. CSSL and One Sky began collaborating in 2003 and are currently working on a two-year partnership project in Kono.

One Sky

One Sky exists to promote sustainable living globally and we have concentrated on this in some of the world’s environmental and social hotspots including Sierra Leone, El Salvador and Nigeria. The goal of our bilateral project in Cross River State, Nigeria is to strengthen NGO capacity to effect policy change and environmental improvement in this state. We have linked six Canadian groups with counterpart environmental organizations in Nigeria in an effort to promote sustainable living in the tropical moist forest ecosystem of West Africa.

One Sky worked for four years to work with Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone (FOESL) on a Human Security and the Environment project that was predominantly working in the heart of Freetown and in the rural village of Lakka/Hamilton in the Western Peninsula area trying to address environmental concerns while providing models and training in sustainable activities. We also developed a micro-credit program and supported four farmer’s groups in organic agriculture initiatives in the Kono region. Our landmines awareness initiative based in El Salvador trained individuals within the context of their communities in the development of appropriate technologies that would benefit both themselves and the environment. We have also been involved in public engagement activities in Canada, including a campaign to end the trade in conflict diamonds, and curriculum development around Sierra Leone and the environment. One Sky is also involved in policy issues at the local, national and international levels, predominantly around renewable energy and international development.

One Sky is about linking practical solutions with policy developments. Our belief is that we need to be working on the ground to talk in the halls of power. Our mission is to promote sustainable living globally by working both in Canada and abroad and by linking the global environmental and social challenges that we face with solutions we can all participate in.

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