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take action:
green your diamond

What is a green diamond?

Blood diamonds are no longer the reality in Sierra Leone but development and environmental issues abound. Instead of banning diamonds, One Sky and the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone are challenging you to buy a “green” diamond by supporting environmental restoration of alluvial diamond mining areas in Sierra Leone.

Interested in buying a diamond?

Why not add value to it by donating 1% of its value to One Sky and the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone to tint it “green”. All of your donation will go directly into restoring alluvial diamond sites in the Kono region of Sierra Leone with active community involvement.

Already own a diamond?

Has your diamond lost its shine?

Bring back the feeling...make your gem sparkle with a green diamond certificate.

Remind her who she fell in love with...

And how much you care...

Not interested in diamonds but care about people and the planet?
Donate what you can toward mining restoration in Sierra Leone. When donating to the Green Diamond campaign, all of your funds will go directly toward improving the livelihoods and the landscape of Sierra Leone.

A blood diamond is for never

A green diamond is for life.

For all of these donations, we will send you a certificate in your name of choice to certify that you have helped ‘green’ diamonds by supporting our work in Sierra Leone. If you’re interested, we will send you an electronic update in December 2007 with photos on how your donations have helped improve the environment and livelihoods.

Want to visit the area and participate yourself? One Sky is offerring a world tour in April 2008. For more information or for our brochure, email info at

You can also mail donations by cheque or money order to One Sky at Box 3352, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 Canada. A Green Diamonds certificate will be returned to you to acknowledge your generous contribution.

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