Child soldiers like this young girl often fought in Sierra Leone's war.

Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds

The following jewellers have joined the Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds initiative. Please check the list for a jeweller near you.

KAB Boutique, Cornwall Ontario
Tyson Ruoff, Toronto Ontario
Diagold Designs, Edmonton Alberta
Kavar Jewellers, Hamilton Ontario
JB Jewellers Calgary Ltd, Calgary Alberta

Don't see your local jeweller on the list? Encourage your local jeweller to join - go the action page for tips, and contact One Sky for resources.

One Sky response to recent Kimberley Process meetings

NGOs have long advocated for regular, independent monitoring to strengthen the Kimberley Process. Without this integral component, the system does little to end the trade in conflict diamonds and ensure consumer confidence.

At the recent Kimberley Process meetings in Sun City, many countries, the World Diamond Council and NGOs proposed a monitoring system that would ensure all participating countries were monitored within 4 years.

In the end, a voluntary "peer review" system was agreed upon. While much weaker than the proposal, it is the first step in building a more credible system.

"One Sky is pleased with the diamond industry's shift to become supportive of credible monitoring, and also hopes that those who supported the initial monitoring proposal step forward to be reviewed and go beyond the weaker standards that were agreed to", says One Sky campaigner, Nikki Skuce.

It is encouraging that a number of countries have already stepped forward to be reviewed, including the DRC. However it is not expected that review missions, to ensure certification compliance, will happen until the new year.

One Sky also welcomes Canada as the new Chair of the Kimberley Process and encourages them in their new leadership position to continue to strengthen the certification scheme in rough diamonds.

Industry News

Canadian Jewellery Industry statement to One Sky.
Executive Director of the CJA Catherine Sproule met with One Sky ED Michael Simpson at the World Jewellery Expo in Toronto to deliver the following statement dated August 10, 2003:

"The Canadian jewellery industry supports the ongoing work of the Kimberley Process, including the issue of credible and effective monitoring.

We believe that government, industry and non-governmental groups should work together to achieve an effective Kimberley Process. Together we have, and can continue to work towards a common goal - the end to a natural resource fuelling African wars.

We fully support our government’s leadership role through the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources. Their continuing efforts combined with the worldwide industry and NGO’s will help to strengthen the Kimberley Process.

We look forward to more results at the next meeting in October.


Catherine Sproule
Executive Director, CJA

Catherine Sproule of the CJA shaking hands with One Sky's Michael Simpson with a statement including a call for better industry, government and NGO collaboration.

Press release before the World Jewellers Expo
One Sky and Amnesty took to the streets in Toronto before the Expo where hundreds of people signed in support of independent, regular monitoring in the Kimberley Process to end the trade in conflict diamonds. "Citizens groups to Canadian diamond industry: Get on the bus!" Press release issued by One Sky and Amnesty on August 7, 2003.

De Beers supports monitoring
The following is an excerpt from a speech made by de Beers Chair Nicky Oppenheimer at the Kimberley Process Plenary on April 29, 2003:

" I believe that transparent verification of both government and industry procedures is essential to the credibility of the Certification Scheme in the eyes of the world. It is for this reason that the industry wholeheartedly supports the NGO's objectives in securing a credible system of monitoring."

One Sky statement to the Canadian diamond industry
"Conflict Diamonds the Achilles Heel of the Canadian Diamond Industry" was issued to the Canadian diamond industry by One Sky on April 15, 2003. Click here to view the statement.

JVC and CJA advisory to the diamond industry
Jewellers Vigilance Canada and the Canadian Jewellers Association have issued an "advisory to the jewellery industry" on the Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds initiative. Click here for a response to the advisory from One Sky, PAC and Amnesty.



Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds is an initiative of One Sky in collaboration with Amnesty International Canada and Partnership Africa Canada.


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