Demand that the diamond industry clean up its act

"The diamond industry and De Beers need to respond proudly and firmly to the demand from civil society, from the consumer, from NGOs and from governments for ethical accountability."
- Gary Ralfe, managing director of De Beers

Act now!
• Send a postcard to a jeweller
• Visit Amnesty International Canada's website to send a letter to the Canadian government

Consumer Actions!
Combine one or two of the action ideas below. Order the Blood Diamonds are for Never Activist Package for campaign materials you can use. Your action can be small (taking postcards in to a few jewellers) or large (organizing an awareness event). Together, our actions add up to a very large voice telling the diamond industry that Canadian consumers want conflict-free diamonds!

· Raise your consumer voice: take postcards in to Canadian jewellers asking them to join Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds
· Inspire other consumers: hand out postcards and brochures to encourage other consumers to take action
· Put pen to paper: advocate for an effective Kimberley Process by organizing a letter-writing campaign
· Spread the word: hold an awareness-raising event
· Order an Activist Package

Click on the Action Guide for a description and "how-to's" for each of these action ideas.

Visit the Resources page for links to more groups that are taking action to end the trade in conflict diamonds.

Blood Diamonds are for Never - Activist package

The Blood Diamonds are for Never Activist Package, for those interested in participating in the campaign, includes:
· An Action guide: the guide gives suggestions and "how-tos" of using the campaign materials provided in the package.
· Jewellers postcards: consumers can take these postcards into jewellers, asking them to join Canadian Jewellers for Conflict-free Diamonds
· Information postcards: campaigners can distribute these postcards to consumers, providing information on how consumers can participate in the Blood Diamonds are for Never campaign.
· Sample letter: a sample letter for consumers to send to the World Diamond Council demanding the inclusion of regular, independent monitoring in the Kimberley Process.
· Brochures: information brochures to hand out to consumers, providing information on conflict diamonds and actions that consumers can take.
· Talking points: a Q & A talking points guide provides campaigners with the questions that consumers and jewellers might ask, and information on how to answer those questions.

Order your Activist Package by:
· phoning, emailing or faxing One Sky to request a package be sent to you
· please be sure to include your address, and what size package you are requesting
· you can also download some campaign materials from this website (see Action resources at top of page)

Activist packages come in three sizes*.
(All packages include the Action Guide, talking points and a sample letter to send to the World Diamond Council):
1 carat- 25 of each postcard
3 carat - 10 brochures and 50 of each postcard
5 carat - 20 brochures and 100 of each postcard

*Please give the size you want some careful thought in order to avoid drawers full of unused campaign materials!

One Sky wants to know what you've been up to! Send us an email with a description of your actions and photos. Who knows, you could find yourself featured on our website….


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