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The GO2 Carshare Cooperative could provide substantial savings in your employees’ work-related travel expenses.

The car share's initial vehicle, a 2010 Toyota Prius, is ideal for highway trips to branch offices or to visit clients and the cooperative’s rates could be less than the current Treasury Board of Canada reimbursement rates.

The Benefits:

  • The costs include gas, insurance, maintenance, cleaning and repairs;
  • Your cooperative shares are fully refundable;
  • Your corporate membership automatically includes four drivers;
  • You receive one monthly invoice from the car share cooperative instead of separate expense claims from your employees; 
  • Your employees do not have to absorb the costs of depreciation and wear and tear on their personal vehicles while using them for work; and
  • Your membership includes a reciprocal arrangement with the Victoria Car Share Cooperative and the Cooperative Auto Network in Vancouver. This means you can use those car share vehicles and pay our car share rates instead of the more costly option of renting a vehicle when you are doing business in Victoria and Vancouver.

The Numbers:

  • There are three billing packages, based on high, medium and low usage of the vehicles.
  • Your monthly invoice is adjusted automatically to reflect the vehicle usage – if your employee usage falls into the low use plan, then you pay those rates. If usage is higher the next month, then you are billed accordingly with the medium or high use plan rate.
  • A daily rate of $60.00 is also available and it may also be booked for overnight travel. (Please note the daily rate does not include the cost of gas.)

Low Use Plan

(100 or fewer kms/month

Medium Use Plan

(101-300 kms / month

High Use Plan

(300+ kms / month)

Administrative Fee $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
GO2 Carshare Cooperative Corporate Rates
Hourly Rate $1.50 $1.50 $1.50
Mileage Rate $0.43 / km $0.38 / km $0.28 / km


How it works:

  • We conduct an on-site information / orientation session for you and your employees.
  • Your company / organization joins the cooperative with a one-time purchase of fully-refundable shares worth $750.
  • Each of the primary drivers submits an application form, proof of their valid B.C. driver's license and their clean driving record (driver's abstract).
  • Additional drivers can be added to your membership with the purchase of one additional share ($250) per driver.
  • Once the administrative details are confirmed, your employees can begin booking and using the car for their work-related travel.
  • You receive one monthly invoice with all travel and trip details fully documented.

To join, please call (250) 877-6030 or email GO2 today.

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GO2 Carshare now has a truck!

posted 11/08/2010

GO2 Carshare is proud to announce it has added a used truck to its fleet.


GO2 Carshare wins!

posted 10/25/2010

The GO2 Carshare Cooperative is proud to announce it has won "Environmental Business of the Year".


"On a personal level, the more efficient you can be with your own vehicle, the better. Do you have a full car load of people? Are we driving our car for a one kilometer trip to the store when we could be walking or biking? Those kinds of actions collectively do have a big impact." - Dr. Michael Brauer, School of Environmental Health, UBC