Rideshare Week is October 4-8, 2010. Pledge to carpool this week to save money and prevent harmful emissions. There are many great resources out there, including information on how to set up a carpool for your workplace. For more ideas, and a chance to win great prizes, visit Jack Bell Ride-Share for BC.

The goal of's Annual Carpool Week Campaign is to increase program awareness and encourage commuters to try carpooling. holds a variety of promotions in towns and cities across Canada. There are also a lot of great carpooling ideas and resources, including savings calculators, on's website.

In the "Other Things We Think are Cool" category...check out BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation). BEST also runs an "AutoObesity" program, which encourages car owners to get "Auto Fit".

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GO2 Carshare now has a truck!

posted 11/08/2010

GO2 Carshare is proud to announce it has added a used truck to its fleet.


GO2 Carshare wins!

posted 10/25/2010

The GO2 Carshare Cooperative is proud to announce it has won "Environmental Business of the Year".


"On a personal level, the more efficient you can be with your own vehicle, the better. Do you have a full car load of people? Are we driving our car for a one kilometer trip to the store when we could be walking or biking? Those kinds of actions collectively do have a big impact." - Dr. Michael Brauer, School of Environmental Health, UBC