Savings & Benefits

According to the Canadian Automobile Association's 2009 "Driving Costs" brochure, Canadians spend a average of $10,700 a year on the ownership and operating costs of their vehicles. GO2 members can pay a fraction of that amount.

  • The Cooperative Auto Network in Vancouver estimates its members spend $1,400 per year, for annual savings of approximately $8,400.
  • Nelson Carshare Co-op members spend $750-$2,400 per year, depending on their rate of use, so they save anywhere from $7,400 to $9,050 per year.

The industry rule of thumb is that if you drive less than 13,000 kms a year, or need to use a car less than five days a week, car sharing may be right for you.

Cost Scenarios & Comparisons

Remember gas, insurance, maintenance, cleaning and repairs are all included...


Environmental Benefits

We hope to reduce vehicle emissions in a few ways...


Access to other carshares

Your GO2 membership now includes access to Vancouver's Co-operative Auto Network AND Victoria Car Share Co-operative vehicles!


Health & Personal Benefits

Chances are, if you are a car share member, your physical health will benefit, along with saving money and reducing your carbon footprint!


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GO2 Carshare now has a truck!

posted 11/08/2010

GO2 Carshare is proud to announce it has added a used truck to its fleet.


GO2 Carshare wins!

posted 10/25/2010

The GO2 Carshare Cooperative is proud to announce it has won "Environmental Business of the Year".


Flying to Vancouver or Victoria over the holiday season?  Carshare members have access to Vancouver's Cooperative Auto Network and the Victoria carshare too!  There's a car for you there when you need one -- email us for details!