Integral Social Change An IWB Retreat with Ken Wilber

Feb 03. 14

These opportunities to meet with Wilber are few and far between, as you may know that his health has not been well and has thus reduced his public appearances to a bare minimum. He has generously offered to have our Integral Without Borders group come to his loft for an afternoon, as part of this weekend retreat.

As one of IWB's board of directors, Wilber consistently supports the work we are doing, as a global community, to bring a more integral approach into international development and social change. Though indeed he is a philosopher working with generalizing orientations, he is one that can share insights that greatly clarify the work on the ground.

Given that his loft only accommodates a certain number of people, we first invited a certain number of IWB members who have been more active and participatory in IWB meetings, sangha calls, and projects. We are now moving this into an open registration. It will be sent to our entire IWB network as well as go out on Integral Life. We are already half full, so if you are interested, please hold your spot by paying your deposit soon.

This retreat will continue our on-doing discussions on integral praxis, and will weave together some of the themes we have explored in past events, such as self-as-instrument, engaging social holons, and the Basic Moral Intuition. IWB members are active in solving real world problems in innovative ways, and so this will be an engaged and inspiring group of folks to go on retreat with!

This is the place to bring your deep-seated questions, doubts, and reflections, to explore in a community of like-minded souls who care just as deeply as you do for the state of our planet.

We hope you'll consider accepting this invitation by paying a deposit to hold your place, and/or the entire registration fee. Space is limited. Email us here, if you have any questions.