Community input needed for car share cooperative development

Dec 07. 09

One Sky is currently developing a car share cooperative for the Bulkley Valley. This is the first time a northern, rural car share organization has been developed, and as such, we need as much input from the community as possible. Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out the attached questionnaire, and fax it back to us at (250) 877-6040. You can also to Kim Struthers, Project Coordinator.

The second part of the questionnaire is a travel/trip log, which tracks all your travel for one week. This is important as it helps us learn about people’s transportation and travel habits. By looking at how people are getting around, and how often, we can see if it would make sense for them to join the co-op.

To find out more about the car share initiative, check out Smithers Car Share Cooperative in our Projects & Programs section.

Download the questionnaire here: Trip_:_Travel_Log.doc