Green Building Trade Show

Aug 26. 08

This past weekend, the Green Building Trade Show took place at the 89th
Bulkley Valley Fall Fair and was a great success! Green building
professionals and enthusiasts alike came out to showcase and discuss
everything from natural building techniques to renewable energy systems.
Highlights included a presentation by Nathan Cullen, MP and NDP environment
critic, on a green building strategy for Canada. Also of note was the straw
bale playhouse built by local ‘green’ builder, Dave Jones.  The
playhouse, which was built over the course of the weekend, acted as a
demonstration of how to build with straw, and was the much sought-after
prize in our raffle. Congratulations to our winner: Miriam Colvin!  Thanks
goes out to our sponsors: VanCity, Real Estate Foundation of BC and the BV
Credit Union as well as to the many volunteers that made this event
possible.  One Sky hopes that this will become an annual event and looks
forward to seeing it grow!