Moving Towards Resilience - An Inquiry Into Leadership And Energy In The Northwest

Jul 04. 11


Moving Towards Resilience - an inquiry into leadership and energy in the Northwest


One Sky, as many of you may know is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable living, energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainability leadership. We have done projects in regards to these themes in places such as Africa, Sierra Leone, in the Andes and the Amazon of Peru, and in our own Bulkley Valley. Our goals in British Columbia are to lead by example, tackling the energy issues derived from an ever-changing world with demanding energy needs, by promoting sustainable living and alternate energy resources as well as promoting energy conservation.


Our focus on the project ‘Moving Towards Resilience’ is to initiate and foster leadership, energy conservation and community resilience starting locally in the Northwest of British Columbia. We will also explore climate change impacts and adaption, focusing on the skills, capacities and consciousness needed for sustainable living.


Moving Toward Resilience intends to bring people together to explore energy issues in the context of climate change and to move toward community resilience in the Northwest. The event will connect existing efforts, identify gaps, and unite diverse actions taken at multiple scales. Come strategize, reflect, and discuss on how we, as individuals, organizations, and as a community, face energy decisions in the situation of climate change today, and how can we develop and sustain our own leadership for resilience in the Northwest.


The first July meeting is for a smaller group of participants to identify key themes, to do big picture thinking, and to design an agenda for the larger workshop. The larger workshop, held in early Sept, is open to anyone interested in these issues. We hope you’ll plan to attend!



September 8-10th

Smithers, BC

Venue TBA

Last day includes site visits to renewable energy systems in the Bulkley Valley