One Sky named patron of La Virgin de Chanca

Sep 18. 08

One Sky is involved in an integrally informed capacity development project in Peru that involves an eco-tourism development and the support for nearby communities. Using an “integral” methodology we have been working with our partner organization the Amazon Conservation Association to develop participatory methodologies to increase sustainable livelihoods. What does all this mean. It means that we are working to take into account local world views, values and behaviours as well as developing economic systems for human well being. A Canadian company Greenheart Conservation Company it building a cloud forest canopy walkway which local guides, including women, are being trained to build, maintain and run. Canopy walkways have become popular in forest regions of the world as an alternative to cutting down the forest while still bringing in tourist and research dollars.
Recently One Sky was in Peru along with Drishti, an NGO that specializes in integral methodologies to carry out gender sensitive guide training. At the invite of the community of Challabamba we participated in the local celebration of the Virgin of Challabamba. Below are a few pictures of the festivities.

John Kelson and friends

Gail Hochachka and the Virgin