Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance

The Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA) is an alliance of Canadian civil society organizations from the non-profit or voluntary sector that hold a common interest in promoting a global transition to energy conservation and efficiency and use of low-impact renewable energy. Members of CanREA believe that this transition is needed to address global climate change, pollution, global energy supply, human security, poverty eradication and economic sustainability. CanREA recognizes that our window of opportunity is limited and that this global transition must begin now through individual country action and international cooperation using a variety of market instruments, regulatory measures, public education and voluntary measures.

On a national level, One Sky continues to administer the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA). CanREA set as a priority the advocacy of a national renewable energy strategy in Canada. Based on outcomes from the 2004 Bonn International Renewable Energy conference, CanREA developed a framework of what should be included in a national strategy. From there we pulled from the expertise of members and developed 8 policy briefs to expand on the framework. Recommendations from Pollution Probe’s workshops, our Renewable Solutions conference and other international forums, and various networks were incorporated into the policy briefs. CanREA’s model strategy contains recommendations for the three main services met by energy – power, heat and transport – supplemented with national strategies for energy efficiency, financing mechanisms, and international cooperation and assistance. All policy briefs are supplemented with larger policy papers that are available on the CanREA website ( Policy briefs were distributed to relevant politicians and bureaucrats at all levels as well as at conferences throughout the year.

CanREA and its members are engaged with all levels of government advocating a primary role for energy efficiency and renewable energy. A well planned transition of Canada’s and the world’s economies to renewable energy and the maximizing of energy efficiency and conservation would provide environmental, employment, security, and social benefits for all.