One Sky website launch!

Nov 05. 07

One Sky is pleased to announce the launch of its new website! As One Sky has expanded, so our website has had to grow and expand. We’ve revamped the website based on the theory of holarchy...don’t worry, it’s not essential to read or understand the theory in order to use the website. All you need to know is that we’ve put an emphasis on YOU in our website design, providing clear information on the many ways that you can get involved in One Sky. The new website not only showcases our new projects like the Energetic Olympics and Peru Mapacho River project, but also builds upon the success and accomplishments of our ongoing and past projects like Sowing a Seed in Sierra Leone, the Cross River Environment project in Nigeria, and our very popular CIDA-funded Youth Internship Program. Stories from the field and photo galleries help bring our projects to life, in Canada and internationally while the news and events sections let you know the latest of what’s happening in the world of One Sky and ‘beyond’.

As part of our website launch, we are initiating a membership drive...our aim is to sign-up 100 new One Sky members as they come visit our new site. Please share the website with your friends and colleagues who may be interested in joining us or learning about our mission to ‘promote sustainable living globally’. One Sky is an organization made up of many individuals; we also work in partnership and networks that make us part of an even greater global movement toward sustainability. However, it all comes back to one person - you - and that is where it all begins. So take a walk through the new website and see how you’re part of our picture. 

Special thanks to bc designworks who developed the amazing new One Sky website you are looking at. A website this complex is outside of our budget and they kindly offered a stiff discount. We could not have done this without you!