Become a Member

What is a One Skyer?  Did you know you might be one?

There are three ways to be a One Skyer. You can be with us in your heart and soul and nothing more this means you can cheer us on without actually calling yourself an official One Skyer. In this case your friendship is valued by One Sky and please give us a donation some time to support our work or come out to an event. We look forward to meeting you!


If you like what we are up to and you want to be able to proudly say “Hey, I am part of that organization” then you need to become a member of One Sky as required under the Society Act and by our constitution.  To become a member you need to apply and pay your annual dues of ten dollars.  Simply fill out the One_Sky_Membership_Form.doc and:

- E-mail it to us at and donate your $10 membership online under One Sky General Support OR

- Snail mail the form to the address our mailing address, PO Box 3352 Smithers BC V0J 2N0.

To find out more about membership read our membership page. If this does not sound like much fun think again. We have kept our annual dues to a minimum and we will send you periodic updates so you know what we are up to. More importantly being a member means you don’t just like us, and what we are doing; you are one of us. There is a big difference! Right now we have a modest number of official, legal members and we want to change that. We want to grow! We know we have a host of people that appreciate what we are up to, that donate to us and support us but that are not officially One Skyers. If you join us by filling in the application and it is approved by the board of directors you are automatically invited to our Annual General Assembly which we usually have in Smithers and yes, you get to be put on a list. Just what you always wanted… to be on a list! An official One Sky membership list!

Now when we want to send out messages to “One Sky” we will know how to contact you. You will also be able to nominate members to the Board of Directors, vote at Annual General Meeting and participate in the democratic goings on of a non-profit Society that you believe in. If you want to know more about us you can even get a copy of our constitution.

The third way to be a One Skyer is to be an associate of One Sky. You can be an associate if you don’t want to be a true member with all the voting and democratic responsibility as well as democratic rights. When we do great things you cannot really say “Hey, I am a part of that great organization”. You need to tone things down to a more moderate exclamation such as I am an associate of those folks. An associate is someone who participates in One Sky by donating time or money. If you have donated to us or helped us in the past we already consider you an associate. We will still keep you on a list and we will send you periodic updates by e-mail. This third option may be particularly appropriate for businesses, institutions or other non-governmental organizations.  For Frequently Asked Questions on being a member FAQ.