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One Sky has been hosting internships since 2000 with various placements offered each year. The competition for these internships is fierce and we run an intense life changing experience that demands individuals that are open to personal exploration and a radical process of self-analysis and improvement. In turn we offer a personalized work term in both Canada and another country, with both One Sky and a host organization.

The goal of our internship program is to develop the ability of Canadian youth to be effective social change agents in an international context.  In short, to radicalize (from the Greek word radica or root) youth perspectives of Canadians. If along the way an intern is useful to our overseas partners we consider that a bonus.

Our mentorship program is guaranteed to challenge the open mind from day one. Potential interns must pass through a rigorous mountain exercise and personal leadership orientation after which they work in Canada for a minimum of three months. They are then assessed prior to departure where they are placed for between 4 and 6 months with the occasional extension made to accommodate longer periods. 

Our international internships are generally challenging and although we follow some strict safety and security protocols the conditions can be marginal.  Most of our internships are supported through CIDA’s International Youth Internship Program (IYIP). CIDA-funded youth interns are chosen based on a host of criteria and need to be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, 30 years of age or younger in possession of a post secondary diploma or degree and legally able to work in Canada. 

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Every spring we offer CIDA internships that tend to start in June and end in March. From May until September we often have summer internships for students and we occasionally take on foreign interns from other countries or design self-funded, personalized internships programs to complement university or college programs. If you are interested in a self-funded internship opportunity, please email your resume and a cover letter including a description of what you’re looking for (areas of interest, availability) as well as your relevant work, volunteer and travel experience to

What we’re looking for in a potential intern

This is not an exhaustive list, but will give you an idea of the ‘flavour’ of One Sky and our internship program...obviously this is an internship program so we’re not expecting you to ‘have it all’. At the same time, we are looking for evidence that you are already on the path to leadership in the environmental or social justice movements. 

* Do you seek challenge? What difficult or challenging group situations or places have you been in? We are looking for potential environmental leaders with commitment, integrity and willingness to push their own boundaries.
* An interest in sustainable living issues. Why are you interested in the developing world and the environment? Have you sought out opportunities to engage in sustability issues in the past?
*An understanding and ability to communicate WHY do you really want this internship. What motivates you in this world? What kind of change do you want to be a part of creating? 
* Flexibility, adaptability, a sense of humour and a proven ability to work with others under stress. 
* Experience ‘getting off the beaten path’. Our internships are in challenging places...these are not countries for a first time overseas experience. We look for international volunteering or work experience, or longer-term travel in challenging locations. Our strong recommendation is that you get this under your belt before coming to do an internship with One Sky.
* Strong sense of self-awareness, particularly in situations of stress or conflict.
* Skills and experience relevant to the internship that you are applying for.
* If money motivates you...this is probably not the internship for you. One Sky internships pay little. Our aim is that if you come in to the internship with no money, you won’t have to dig into your personal finances - but you won’t be spending money shopping or eating out and your budgeting skills will be put to the test. Overseas, you’ll have enough to take local transport and eat locally.



Past Internships:

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