Give a Gift for Change

When you give a Gift for Change, not only do you show your loved ones how much you care, but you also support sustainability in a part of the world that is in need. 

One Sky's Gifts for Change are great for any special occasion -- for the holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Whether it is a cow, a workshop or a youth empowerment program, we have a suitable gift that can be given in the name of that person you love. Through One Sky’s online alternative giving program, you support sustainable livelihoods for African villagers and make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of both people and the planet.

These gifts will be used to support leaders in our Leading From Within program who are working in local villages to make important steps to achieve greater human and environmental sustainability.  In other words, you are essentially giving the gift of human potential, empowering African leaders in non-profit organizations to meet the pervasive needs in this part of the world. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to these projects, and the Canadian government matches your gift with $3 for each dollar raised. So, for example, your $100 gift actually becomes a $400 gift for supporting sustainable livelihoods. These are truly a gifts for change!

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There are three simple steps to buy a Gift for Change all of which you can do when you go to One Sky's Gifts for Change webpage. But first, take a read through these steps below, and be sure to peruse the gift descriptions below.


Step 1: Choose your gift

Choose which gift you are going to give from one of the following options:

$10 Plant 10 trees in the rainforest

$25 Produce 10 HIV/AIDS handbooks in indigenous language

$50 Install one solar cooker to help villagers cook sustainably

$75 Provide one livelihood training workshop for youth

$100 Seed fund for Widows’ Empowerment

$150 Cow for the village

See below for more details about each of these gifts.


Step 2: Choose the type of card you would like delivered.

You can choose to send your recipient a personalized e-card or hard copy card. Alternately, One Sky will send a personalized card on your behalf.

*Please note: During the holiday season in December, to receive a hard copy certificate by Christmas, please donate no later than the 17th of December.  After Dec 17th, please choose an e-card option. 


Step 3:  Fill out your personal details, the details of your ‘giftee’, and make your payment.

Fill out your personal details, and be sure to include the contact information of your ‘giftee’.  Then click on the PayPal link to complete your purchase. 

If you have any questions, email and we will respond promptly!

Thank you for your contribution, and for supporting West African leaders to make important steps to achieve greater human and environmental sustainability.

With gratitude, The One Sky Team


Descriptions of One Sky’s Gifts for Change:

Plant Trees

Plant 10 trees in the rainforest for $10

Ninety percent of the rainforests in the Niger Delta have been lost, endangering the rare wildlife and plants that are found there, and contributing to the poverty of the people that have inhabited these forests for millennia.  Animals, plants and people are increasingly being impacted by climate change.  Planting trees in this region will reverse some of the impacts of severe deforestation and the impacts of climate change. 


HIV/AIDS Handbooks

Produce 10 HIV/AIDS handbooks in indigenous language for $25

HIV/AIDS rates in West Africa continue to rise, however, much HIV/AIDS educational material is not available in local languages.  By translating HIV/AIDS handbooks into the local languages, villagers will be able access the information and understand how to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.  For $25 you can buy 10 HIV/AIDS handbooks to be distributed to local villagers.


Solar Cooker

Install one solar cooker to help villagers cook sustainably for $50

Solar cookers help villagers with alternative energy sources for cooking so they don’t need to cut down the forests for their wood-burning stoves.  While decreasing the impacts on the planet, villagers also learn about local issues of climate change and what actions they can take to support the health of their village and their ecosystem.


Youth Livelihood Training

Provide one livelihood training workshop for youth for $75

With few skills and opportunities for work, many West African youth are drawn into being hired for financial gains from corrupt individuals who use them to perpetrate election violence.  By providing livelihood training to youth in beekeeping and snail farms, they are empowered to rise out of poverty and contribute meaningfully to the social and economic development of their regions. 


Seed Fund for Widows’ Empowerment

Seed funds for Widows’ Economic development activities for $100

Through a microcredit program, women are trained and provided a seed fund to create and grow sustainable businesses, thus attaining financial independence. With proceeds from their businesses, widows will be able to provide for their children’s educational, health and welfare needs, contribute to community development, and promote gender equality and social participation.


Cows for Villagers

Buy a Cow for the village for$150 to save endangered monkeys and support the nutrition of local villagers

When you buy a cow, you support hunters to use alternative sources of protein.  Traditionally, monkeys and other primates are hunted but now are endangered in the rainforests of the Niger Delta.  With rampant protein shortages, villagers are being trained in how to raise and use cattle to feed themselves and their families.  (A cow actually costs $750, so your contribution of $150 is approximately 1/5 of the total cost.)

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