Work for One Sky

Truth be told… we don’t have a high turnover rate at One Sky so our full time jobs are few and far between but they do come up. 

Where else can you skip work on a Thursday morning and go skiing because it’s a powder day and you are likely to meet your grinning boss on the chairlift.  Where else does your boss come in on Friday evenings and kick people out of the office for working too hard!  Where else can you rely on your workmates to understand why you work so hard? People like working here and we go out of our way to make the jobs we do have enjoyable. 

We strive to create a liveable workspace with flexible job descriptions, flexible job hours and an emphasis on long-term service in the non-profit sector.  We want you to be working for One Sky when you are eighty or at least working to make the world a better place when you are eighty so that means we are interested in your long-term personal health, with or without us. That means that we place a high onus on maintaining creativity, motivation and learning. 

We don’t really view this as work… we just get paid to do what we wanted to do anyway and we are making sure that we enjoy our work as we go along.  We are admittedly unbearably proud of this.

If you would like to join the One Sky team you can bring your work to us or you can look for work with us.  In the latter case, check our job postings.  When jobs do come up we are committed to affirmative action and transparency in our postings.

Current job postings

One Sky does not currently have any job openings. But please get in touch with us if you would like to be considered for future opportunities.

See our Staff Pages for more info > on current positions and staff members.