Volunteer with One Sky

One Sky relies on volunteers and we value our volunteers immensely! But we are picky because it takes time and effort, and in some cases significant resources, to coordinate or place volunteers so we only offer a limited number of opportunities.  Having said that, we do value these positions and volunteers are treated well at One Sky. Generally speaking if you would like to volunteer with us, look through our website and materials and consider how you might be able to best serve the organization and how your skills might fit into our programming. Then come to us with an idea and let’s talk. We accept volunteer positions in Canada more readily than overseas. Overseas positions usually require a six-month commitment simply because of the orientation period and slow start-up normally experienced by our Southern partners. Hey, it takes time to get to know what you are doing and we almost always hear people say “ I was just getting started” when they need to come home again. In Canada, our preference is for volunteers to develop regular schedules and to take on project related tasks that fit into existing program deliverables.

Volunteer listings:

Fundraising - We are currently looking for creative, motivated volunteers to help us reach our fundraising goals.

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Volunteer suggestions.

We are nice people, but, we are also busy people, so if you come into our office or e-mail us and don’t get the immediate reaction you wanted, be patient.  The best thing you can do is let us know what your skillset is, what kind of time you can commit to us and then what your volunteer idea is.  Sometimes we are actually looking for particular skills and volunteers.