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Allison Bryan - Mali
Renewable Energy Programmer

Allison joined us for our usual ten day orientation in June and then worked on numerous case studies on renewable energy in Smithers.While researching local uses for solar and wind energy she prepared to go to Mali to work with the Mali Folkcentre. In October she traveled to Mali and assisted with project and organizational communications including the creation of electronic newsletters, updating of the website and translating documents. 

Ryan Cheng - Cameroon
GIS Technician Forestry

Ryan joined us later in the summer and was put through a challenging mountain leadership exercise before heading off to work in the GIS mapping division of the Limbe Botanical Gardens. Ryan collected data and produced a variety of maps for LBG and government and community partners. Ryan also worked collaboratively with a team of volunteers at LBG to train them in a GIS project from start to finish. Ryan worked with GIS staff to organize training opportunities for other organizations and developed the skills and capacity of LBG volunteers in the full project cycle, and GIS specific skills. 

Kathryn Nelder - Sierra Leone
Environmental Outreach Coordinator

Kathryn joined us in June 2006 for our orientation and then coordinated a public launch and awareness event for a community bike program. In Canada she updated and promoted One Sky’s sustainability resource centre, coordinated educational booths, prepared outreach materials and did a variety of media interviews and articles before heading off to Sierra Leone in October. In Sierra Leone, Kathryn co-coordinated an environmental network, participated in organizing an environmental campaign including a one-day workshop, wrote three articles for a local newspaper, coordinated an environmental mural, wrote a proposal, and carried out a variety of capacity development activities primarily in financial management.

Matt Kitchen - Sierra Leone
Permaculture Coordinator

Matt joined us in June 2006 and worked over the summer on food security initiatives including the local farmer’s market. Before leaving for Sierra Leone in October he published a paper on food security. In Sierra Leone Matt worked in Kono in Eastern Sierra Leone. Matthew worked with four farmers groups with 20 – 60 members on a variety of permaculture techniques which included four appropriate technologies that were adopted by farmers groups. He participated in a variety of workshops and informal education meetings (weekly) with staff and farmers groups in Sierra Leone on cooperatives, permaculture techniques, monitoring and evaluation.