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This is our sixth group of CIDA sponsored internships. Five young Canadians travelled to Sierra Leone, Mali, Cameroon and Peru to work on various projects with our Southern partners.  Internships commenced in July, 2007 and involve three months in Canada followed by a five month assignment overseas. Click here to learn about the philosophy of One Sky’s internship program and how to apply...or keep reading to find out what our 2007-08 interns are up to! 

Environmental Education Assistant - Hillary Gladish
Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, Hillary worked with the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) on the Growing at the Grassroots project based in Kono District, with a special focus on environmental education. The mission of the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone was to promote conservation (wise use) and management of natural resources for sustainable development in Sierra Leone. Working with environmental education staff, Hillary participated in designing and implementing weekly radio shows on the environment and provided support to local Conservation Clubs by visiting schools, providing materials and encouraging and supporting environmental projects by students.

While in Canada, Hillary worked on a CIDA-funded Global Classroom Initiative project entitled “West Africa Alive!”. Hillary assisted One Sky and the educators implementing West Africa Alive to design materials for teachers and students on a simulation of an environment-oriented development project in West Africa for grade six students, and co-facilitated in over seventeen classrooms throughout BC’s northwest from Prince Rupert to Smithers to Houston. Hillary also promoted One Sky through a presentation to the Smithers Chamber of Commerce, helped to organize One ‘s AGA and worked with other interns to coordinate the annual One Sky fundraising and outreach event. One Sky greatly benefitted from the enthusiasm and dedication that Hillary brought to the organization and her projects.


Organic Agriculture Field Assistant - Rebecca Violini
Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, Rebecca worked with the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone; she was based in Kono District where One Sky was working in partnership with CSSL to implement “Growing at the Grassroots: A Cooperative Approach to Agriculture”. The program aimed to increase food security for women and war-affected youth by increasing access to arable land and was funded by the CIDA Innovation Fund. In Kono, Rebecca worked with a local agriculturalist to carry out workshops and other agriculture extension activities designed to increase the capacity of local women’s and community groups in organic agricultural techniques. She also worked with CSSL and project staff to implement a pilot restoration of formerly mined land for agricultural use. The mission of the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone was to promote conservation (wise use) and management of natural resources for sustainable development in Sierra Leone.

In Canada, Rebecca worked on food security initiatives in the Bulkley Valley. This included encouraging consumers to buy locally-produced organic food through a booth at the farmer’s market and display at the Fall Fair, organizing a 100 mile diet gala dinner, and coordinating volunteers and donations as part of the ‘harvest project’ - where excess produce from gardens and fruit trees are collected and distributed to local service agencies. Rebecca also worked with other interns to coordinate an annual One Sky fundraising and outreach event. Rebecca contributed insightfulness and passion about food security issues to her work in Smithers.

Community Economic Development Assistant - Pablo Alvarez

While in Peru, Pablo worked with the Asociación Para La Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica (ACCA). One Sky, ACCA and five communities in and around Juan Velasco Alvaredo de Sunchubamba worked together to implement the Peru Mapacho River Watershed Environmental Capacity Development Project. The project aimed to diversify the local economies of the five communities, and capitalize on local eco-tourism developments, including a Canadian built canopy walkway. Pablo assisted ACCA staff to develop a local Community Economic Development plan that incorporates an ecotourism development component. Activities included research and development of a local community economic development plan based on ecological governance and the sustainable use of natural resources. This included assisting in planning for a CED workshop. CED activities aimed to result in a self-financed and economically independent NGO that would gain part or all of its revenues from local ecotourism and alternative livelihood activities including textile development for local tourism markets, the production of Inca Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis Linneo) which is high in amino acids, vitamins A and E and Forest Stewardship Council certified Brazil Nut production.

In Canada, Pablo worked with One Sky to assist in the development of public engagement tools, including an audio visual presentation and a brochure for the Peru Mapucho Project, and conducted research into applying an ‘integral approach’ to the project. Pablo also worked with other interns to coordinate a fundraising event in Canada, and helped to organize One Sky’s AGA. One Sky greatly appreciated Pablo’s committment to participation of communities and intellectual curiosity regarding new approaches to social change.

Forest Conservation Technician - Julie Hackbart

In Cameroon, Julie worked with Global Forest Watch and the Limbe Botanic Gardens, based in Limbe on the coast of Cameroon. LBG is internationally recognized as one of Africa’s most active Gardens and an important centre for biodiversity conservation and research. Julie assisted in developing the capacity of Limbe Botanical Garden’s GIS department. This included helping to develop the mapping department, such as identifying relevant mapping needs of communities and institutions for natural resource management, and providing advice on the future development of the mapping department (ex. developing projects and writing funding proposals). The intern also provided guidance for existing mapping projects and work in the field with community members and LBG staff to collect field data. This included networking with government institutions to communicate findings and recommendations related to natural resource management. Finally, the intern developed the capacity of community members and institutions to use mapping as a way of protecting biodiversity and in land-use planning and natural resource management, including developing and implementing training workshops on the use of GPS, basic map reading and interpretation and basic GIS techniques.

In Canada, Julie coordinated the Smithers Community Bike Program with an HRDC Summer Student, including strategic planning, addressing issues of project sustainability, community outreach and program fundraising. She also conducted some research for the Limbe Botanical Gardens regarding their mapping needs and took the lead on coordinating One Sky’s annual outreach and fundraising event. Julie contributed a passion for collaborative approaches and communication to the One Sky intern team.


Renewable Energy Communications - Benoit Rivard

Overseas, Benoit worked with the Mali Folkecenter (MFC) in Bamako, Mali. MFC’s mission was to promote the sustainable management of natural r\esources and the use of these resources to catalyse local economic growth & sustainable development by working in partnership with rural populations and local entrepreneurs.Benoit worked on projects related to information sharing and communication for the Mali Folkecenter’s sustainable natural resource management and renewable energy programs. This involved working quite independently and with Mali Folkecenter staff in various projects including writing MFC’s electronic newsletter and developing the website with information about MFC projects. Benoit also wrote articles and press releases and investigated the possibilities of using alternative means of communication such as community theatre and music in communicating the messages of MFC in Mali, as well as participating in writing reports and field visits to projects with MFC staff.

In Canada, Benoit worked on a public engagement project called Energetic Olympics. This project aims to engage 22 BC municipalities to reduce their energy footprint and increase awareness of global energy equity issues.  Benoit was kept busy over three months designing public outreach materials, developing the ‘event’ strategy for the Olympics, communicating with municipalities and coordinating a booth at the Annual Union of BC Municipalities conference in Vancouver. Benoit was also part of the team of interns that organized One Sky’s annual fundraising and outreach event. Benoit’s positive spirit and ‘get it done’ attitude greatly contributed to the projects and teamwork at One Sky.