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Leading From Within - Integral Leadership for Sustainable Development

Start Date: Dec 03, 2008
Completion Date: Nov 30, 2011
Country: Nigeria
  • Drishti - Centre for Integral Action
Key Contact(s):

Lisa Gibson

Leading From Within - Video of the integral leadership program

Leading From Within - Video on integral leadership for sustainable development in West Africa

This 27min video explores One Sky's integral leadership program in Nigeria, entitled Leading From Within. Thirty participants explore issues like HIV/AIDS, climate change, rainforest conservation, governance, widow's rights and youth empowerment in the context of leadership development. The three-year program, involving 30 participants and a dozen facilitators from several different countries, was designed with an integral approach in terms of curriculum, pedagogy, coaching, and program design. The program resulted in seven Breakthrough Initiatives and the formation of the African Integral Development Network. The video may be of particular interest to development practitioners interested in integral theory and psycho-social models of leadership development, however it does not require prior knowledge of the integral model. Includes scenes of village life in Nigeria, including ceremonies with chiefs and traditional songs with women, and also gives the viewer a felt-sense of how the Nigerian leaders in One Sky's program are making sustainable changes throughout the South-East corner of this country. Note to educators: this would be an excellent resource for university, college or even high school students.

One Sky welcomes comments and feedback, as we are still refining the video and this may not be the final version.