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Leading From Within - Integral Leadership for Sustainable Development

Start Date: Dec 03, 2008
Completion Date: Nov 30, 2011
Country: Nigeria
  • Drishti - Centre for Integral Action
Key Contact(s):

Lisa Gibson


My name is Emilia Ibitham, I live in Umon Village in Biase Local Government area. I have being hearing of HIV/AIDS messages and campaigns for some time now, but I don’t understand them because I don’t understand English language very well. I want people, organizations and government to bring these messages to us in our local languages. That way I will understand what STI, sexual intercourse means.

Emilia Ibitham, Umon Village

The above statement was made by a 16 yrs old girl in Umon Village who wants to know more about the effects of HIV/AIDS. But how can she know more if the information is not made available in her own language? We believe that there are thousands of people like Emilia who will listen to the message of HIV/AIDS if only it is being passed on to them in their ancestral language. Translating an HIV/AIDS handbook to Bekwara language will create a conscious awareness of HIV/AIDS in the minds of the readers. The end result is that they will reduce the spread of the infection.

This photo shows an NGO educational project for orphans and vulnerable children, many of whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS or are living with the virus. Finding ways to raise awareness and change behaviors, in this case through improved communication, is critical for stemming the HIV/AIDS epidemic.