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Leading From Within - Integral Leadership for Sustainable Development

Start Date: Dec 03, 2008
Completion Date: Nov 30, 2011
Country: Nigeria
  • Drishti - Centre for Integral Action
Key Contact(s):

Lisa Gibson

Meet The Leaders

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Nneoyi Ofem Nigeria Organization for Solidarity of Development (NOSAD)
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Nneoyi Ofem hails from Ekori Yakurr local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Born thirty-five years ago. I have about seven years experience of working in the Nigerian NGO sector as an intern and employee with Noble Organization for Solidarity and Development (NOSAD) based in Calabar, Nigeria. A graduate of crop science from the University of Calabar in addition I have had other key professional trainings in project design as appraised with Akada Konsult, Lagos Nigeria. Nneoyi is currently the Programme Officer of NOSAD with the vision to engage in development activities that will improve the lives of th powerless and disadvantaged people in Nigeria and other developing countries. NOSAD has experience working with rural community people in five thematic areas, including: civic education, peace education, women empowerment, and poverty alleviation, health and environment. I approach my work with more seal and passion because I was once deeply in election violence and thuggery in my community, working in this sector opened a new way of life for me and now I am an advocate for change and promoting ,credible elections in my local community.

Margaret Caiafas Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society
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I am Margaret Caiafas. I have a Bachelor degree in Human Resources and Masters in Anthropology and Youth Counselling from the University of London. My career experience includes employment as Operations Manager with a Financial Institution for 10 years before starting a family business in hospitality. I was appointed Field Worker of Missionary Society of the AME Zion Church to coordinate activities of the women, youth, and children in 13 churches in Cross River State, Nigeria. My passion to touch lives positively is the driving force behind my leadership function. I have initiated various projecs for the church and community which include: Scholarship Scheme for unpriviledged, start-up small business, awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS, malaria, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, etc. Annual provisions are made for the aged, sick and orphans. Current project which require fudnign is Multi-Skills acquisition Centre to bring youth out of the streets and make them employable.

Maria E. A. Ukpanyang, Esq. Radiant Women Association (RAWA)
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See a video clip of Maria's vision

Mary Ukpanyang is a lawyer, gender equity activist and an environmentalist from Cross River State in Nigeria. Currently she is the Coordinator of Radiant Women Association (RAWAS), a rights-based not-for-profit, non-religious, non-partisan political and non-governmental organization, which she co-founded and registered in Cross River State in 2005. RAWAS vision is a world where women and men are equal partners at all levels of decision making. Currently RAWAS is a catalyst that sparks rapid development by empowering rural community women to have voice in policies that infringe on their environment, dignity, sustainable livelihood and economic independence. RAWAS therefore focuses on: women’s rights and advocacy, women’s environmental, including water, sanitation, hygiene and their livelihood, peace building and conflict resolution, and TB and HIV/AIDS. Very recently RAWAS sprearheaded the drafting and signing into law the rights of women in Cross River State to inherit and own property thus stopping the obnoxious cultural practice of girl-child disinheritance.

Etim Etim Omini O-ten Ita Foundation
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Etim Etim Omini from Idomi Yakurr local government area, Cross River State, Nigeria. I hold a bachelors degree in Geography and Regional Planning, postgraduate diploma in Education and post-graduate professional diploma in Development Administration, specializing in monitoring and evaluation. Presently, I am the Project Coordinator of Oten Ita Foundation that envisions a world that cares for children and empowers women, the foundation works in four thematic areas, 1) Education, 2) Environment, 3) HIV/AIDS, and 4) Gender and Empowerment. I manage the implementation of action plans, ensures regular and timely data collecgtion, reporting, analysis and presentations, as well as assisting the Programme Director in achieving the organization mission. An estimated 12 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are either orphans or vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS and this results to their inability to access education, nutrition and other essential things of life. As an organization we are committed to raising leaders among these orphans and vulnerable children in the next 15 years, but for now we are supporting 360 to have access to qualitative education, psychosocial support, care and empowerment of their caregivers. I hope to be a team player in global development.

Okom Esira Mbey Forest Management Committee (FMC)
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My organization’s name is Forest Management Committee (FMC) founded in 2001, with objectivecs on environemtnal conservation and sustainability. That is educating local communities on the wise use of timber and non-timber products, the dangers of water poisoning, bush burning, and we also check the excessive forest usage. We monitor as well as arrest illegal loggers through our vigilante group. My organization is community-based with great interests in conserving the only remaining 20% tropical community protected rainforest in Nigeria. Now we want to embark on provision of alternative livelihoods to the learning community. But the question is where will the funding come from? Or should we reaming silent while watching the environment be destroyed forever? No, we must do something to keep the ecosystem on a better mode. Special appeal is sent to environmentalists, researchers, social agents, funders, the academic community, and all those in the general public with great interests in environmental conservation around the world to rise-up and support me. Your support will be used wisely specially with the leadership development skill impacted on me by One Sky. If you destroy the forest you destroy life. Please save life now.

Juliana Nya Centre for Health Promotion (CHEP)
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Ben Usang African Dignity Foundation
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My name is Benedict Usang, I am a native of Calabar Municipality and Odukpani Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria. I studied Business Adminstration in university of calabar,Nigeria. As a young man I worried constantly ab out the complex problems confronting my beloved continent, Africa so l resolved to establish a non-profit platform to effectively work for the dignity of Africa and its beautiful people, African dignity foundation therefore came into existencein 1998 incalabar, Nigeria to champion human dignity and sustainable social development, l am currently working for Africa dignity foundation as president/Executive Director.
My current roles and responsibilities include Leadership and coordination of the work of the staff and volunteers of ADF to achieve the mission of the organization. ADF currently focuses its project on youth development and citizens mobilization to engage policy makers on human dignity and sustainable social development. Due to my commitment to civil society development l still occupy.

Rosemary Obo Women Action Organization
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Rosemary Obo from Obubra in Cross River State Nigeria. She is the Executive Director Family Development Initiative, an NGO registered with Cross River State government. She holds a master degree in sociology and Anthropology with specialty in Community Development. She equally has Advance certificate in Environment and Community Development and a post graduate diploma in Environmental Education. She has equally attended professional workshops and trainings on different fields. She has worked with various international organizations like Africare Nigeria, Pro-Natura International, and Living Earth Foundation. She is presently carrying out the implementation of FDI projects, monitoring projects’ implementation and maintaining networking and collaboration with other NGOs and lots more. The interesting areas about her work is the joy of seeing more than a thousand women in Cross River State, especially the teenage mothers, have a smile on their faces, empowering them to stand out.

Edwin Effiom Ogar Ekuri Initiative
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I am Chief Edwin Ogar, Programme Coordinator of the Ekuri Initiative. I attended primary school, thereafter obtained GCE exams through private studies and later studied mass communications. My current roles and responsibilities are planning, organizing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation. Areas of focus include forest conservation, sustainable forest management, community development, and poverty reductions. The five communities of Ekuri are involved in the governance of the Ekuri Initiative., which is one reason for its successes. The perimeter survey has helped to define Ekuri community forest boundary. The preliminary land use plan depicting different land use zones has substantially helped in conserving biodiversity and the forest ecosystems. Sustainable timber harvesting from inventory plots guarantees long-term survival of the plots. Elaborate income generating mechanisms ensures regular incomes from non-timber forest products to the Ekuri community. Promotion of gender equality leads to recognition of women’s rights and proceeds from the forest spent on the road, school, and empowerment of individuals.

Etim Okon Akamo Ekuri Initiative
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I am Akamo Etim Okon 25 years ago, haild from New Ekuri community in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State,Nigeria. I had my secondary education at comprehensive secondary school Nko in Yakurr Local Government Area in 1996. After my secondary education, I enroed and completed a diploma programme in the institute of public Adminstration Calabar in 2003 and later proceded and also completed a degree programme in the institute of policy studies and adminstration in 2006. As a young graduate, I was employed to work for Ekuri initiative as a volunteer officer and as a class room teacher in Bright star Nursery and primary school calabar. Due to my character ,behaviour and hard working, I was later recruited to work with the Ekuri initiative as a project officer. I was also promotedto be the head teacher in the Bright star Nursery and primary school, As a prepared Adminstrator, I contribute effective the extension of the class rooms brock in Bright star Nursery and primary.with my effort as a project officer we have built civil centreto the people of New Ekuri, provided renewable energy lampsto the people of Bakia communityin in Boki Local Government Area. Currently we have conducted community self need assessement over 43 communities randomly selected in 5 of the Local Government Areas in Cross River State which is a new diamension in the development work

Emmanuel Ukandi Biodiversity Preservation Group (BPG)
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My name is Emmanual Ukandi, and I am from Obudu in Cross River State, Nigiera. I hold a B.Sc. in Public Administration. I am the project coordinator of Biodiversity Preservation Group (BPG). The variety in life including genes, species and ecosystems is known as biodiversity. In addition to being a source of food, shelter, fuel and livelihood, biodiversity provides the critical ecosystem services of disease control and moderation of erosion and flooding. The zeal for development work led me to joingin this group of conscientious humanitarian environmentalists. My overall aim is to conserve man and environment with fundamental look at th ecritical areas. My vision is to deliver humanitarian services and monitor impact on environment and man based on the principle of equity, justice, discipline, and fairness. My service sectors include research, production, water and sanitation, agriculture extension, empowerment for sustainable livelihood capacity building and micro-project rolling conservation as well as gender equality. I have worked and am maintaining a good relationship with over 80 communities in Cross River State, delivering services in the respective sectors mentioned above. I took this leadership program so as to contribute my initiative that demonstrates leadership with inspired action and change, consistent with the vision of my initiative, including policy and / or institutional change and the empowerment of local people especially that of marginalized groups as well as the orphans and the vulnerable. To contribute my initiatives that incorporate social and cultural diversity and promote gender equality. To provide platforms for local voices to share experiences on community action in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. And also, to reduce poverty through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. My major constraint is capacity building and finance. Thank you. Emmanuel Ukandi 08035192261, 08024680488.

Grace Effiong Ikpe Global Peace Development
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I am Grace Ikpe. I hold a B.Sc. in Environmental Management and a M.Sc. (in view) in Geography with specialization in Population, Development, and Environment in the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. I work with Global Peace Development (a non-governmental organization) with head office in Ugnelli, Delta State and a branch in Calabar, Cross River State. I am the Programme Coordinator. Our organzixationl focus is on conflict management and resolutions, good governance and democracy, gender issues, empowerment, environment and development and water, sanitations and hygiene. Our roles and responsibilities are to develop analytical thinking and action skills for understanding, preventing and helping to correct environmentalabuse. Our objectives for environemtnal responsibilities will be by: creating awareness; increasing knowledge; changing attitudes; increasing skills; helping in evaluations; and involve participation. Through team work, network and partners, we have to be able t put smiles on the faces of the rural poor by provision of water, empowerment of women, creating awarenss on hygiene and sanitation. Also, we have to be able to make people add value to the environment by making them custodians of the environment for sustainable living.

Eyo E. A. Eyo Citizens Network Nigeria
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Eyo Eyo is my name and I direct citizens Network Nigeria (CINET).
CINET is a Nigerian not for profit non-governmental organization NGO Registered in CRS Nigeria in year 2000.Although environment is one area of air interest, CINET equally works towards the promotion of citizens social responsibilities, rights, conflict, sustainable livelihood, service and rural unification delivery.
I hold the general corticated of Education (GCE) Ordinary and Advance Level after completing secondary and High school in 1985, a certificate in Journalism and 17 years experience. My vision is to bring about changes in a world free of conflict, and promote sustainable livelihood. Awareness creation and education form my values and, I hope to network in bringing about changes in my state and Nigeria.

Juliet Onyi Ogban Life Care Organization Nigeria (LICON)
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My name is Juliet Onyi Ogban, l am a native of Etana Ene North in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State, am a young girl of twenty four years old, single and of good parentage. L work with life care organization (LICON) as a project manager. L had my senior school certificate examination in 2001 and a diploma certificate in information technology in 2003, and am currently an under graduate of the university of calabar, calabar Nigeria department of marketing, am in 400 levels. I am currently the project manager of life care organization(LICON) and l am incharge of projects, our area of work focus is on sustainable livelihoods, gender equality and Hiv/Aids awareness programme. What inspired me to work with an NGOis the passion l have for the poor, needy and the voiceless in the rural communities.

Agbor Solomon Achai Rural Women and Youth Development Initiative (RWAYDI)
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My name is Agbor Solomon Achu, l work for Rural women and youth Development Initiative(RWAYDI). Anon governmental organization that is in Ikom Local government of Cross River State, Nigeria.l hold a post graduate diploma in environmental education(PGDEE).Currently lam the programme coordinator for my organization. Our area of work focus are on : health, education, gender, environment, sustainable livelihood. Our target group are mostly women,,youth and orphans. Poverty is the driving force of my work, knowing that l have felt poverty, tested and seen it, my heart feels for the poor, the orphans and the street children. Our work with this group have exposed us to the fact that there is still a lot of gap, and so we network with other organization to bridge this gap, we hope and look forward to working with othe network and oranisation to team this monster called poverty.

Stella Ayam Odey Fadama III
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My name is Stella Ayam Odey, a Nigerian from Cross River State. I hold a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences. Professionally, I have carried out group trainings in communities, taken part in several gender related research projects, worked for the Canadian NGO One Sky as a Gender Advisor, developed a gender mainstreaming handbook aimed at providing practical guidelines for development agents, facilitated the formulation of gender workplace policies for some environmental NGOS in the State. Currently, she works as a Community Facilitator for FADAMA III development programme, assisted by the World Bank and aimed at reducing rural poverty. I carry out sensitization and mobilization, conduct participatory rural appraisals, assist in the preparation of local development plans. My visions is to work on people’s mindsets, especially the marginalized to see breakthroughs beyond their challenges. I have passion for development work especially on gender issues because I was a victim of gender discrimination. My right to education was almost denied me just because I am a woman.

Mercy Sunday Ekpo Center for Secure Health and Environment Development (SHED Africa)
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My name is Mercy Sunday Ekpo, a native of Uyo in Uyo Local Government Area, Awa Ibom State, Nigeria. I am a development worker with Centre for Secure Health and Environment Development (SHED Africa). I hold a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Protection and Resource Management from the University of Calabar. As a finance and administration officer to SHED Africa, my roles and responsibilities are as follows: to manage the office, produce materials for the office use in some cases field work, develop proposals for approved projects, review and revise strategic planning documents, disburse materials and funds to field officers, handle all correspondence, raise requisition for project and to funders, and contribute to proposal development. SHED Africa’s vision is for all a Nigerian communities to have improved health and liveolihood security. In pursurance of our vision, we partner with EU-MPP6, Hope Wide World and Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF) has been able to provide developmental projects such as classroom block, water and sanitation facilitites, support of Orphans and Vulnerable children, and train community members on alternative livelihoods practices. Profile: I have 10 years working experience in community development in Cross River State, Nigeria, as a volunteer and an employee. I have extensive experience in research and documentation, community mobilization, and needs assessment, monitoring and project management. I also possess a strong background in action research, behavioral change and communications and facilitation of outreach programmes. I have carried out many institutional building training and participatory researches in communities across the state. My experience with the Canadian NGO One Sky, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), on gender and HIV/AIDS and sustainable livelihood funded projects as a team member demonstrates my capacity and training skills. I aim to be the best, committed to carving out an enviable niche for myself as an excellent staff, epitomized by quality performance and contributions to my organization. Finally, as a leader my purpose in life is to have positive influence on everyone that come across my path, by helping people grow and empowering them.

Godwin Umimke Ugah Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria (CREN)
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Ugah Godwin Unimke is the national program Director of the council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria( CREN), the largest renewable energy in Nigeria with a membership of over 400, spanning from government, academia, students, professionalsand end user of renewable energy technologies. Mr. Ugah has held several leadership positions, some of which are: president of Aiesec in calabar( an international student exchange program) where he facilitated the training and development of students and volunteers,the vice president ,polytechnic of calabar association against the spread of HIV/Aids, e.t.c Mr. Ugah is an environmentalist, with a strong technical and environmental background, with a diploma in science laboratory technology and a first degree in environmental protection and resource management from the university of calabar in Nigeria.He work as a volunteer staff with onesky in 2006,in the CIDA funded project in cross River state, Nigeria. Currntly, he is saddle with the responsibility of planning and designing programs aimed at achieving the vision of CREN.These programs include; the creation of awareness about renewable energy in rural communities, fostering partnerships necessary to achieve the large scale implementation of renewable e\nergy in Nigeria, establishing strong membership with the use of internet, newsletters and personal contacts, fund raising,project implementation i.e improved wood stove. Introduction to forest communities e.t.c.
In summary mr. Ugah is committed to achieving set targets and his vision is that Nigeria becomes the leader in the renewable energy deployment in Africa.
Formore information or registration, visit
Or call 07068541079

Awuken Obaji U
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My name is Awuken Obaji l work for We- Women Network (NGO) in Calabar, Nigeria. Hold diploma and B.SC. in social Work from the University of Calabar. Iam a project Co-ordinator with We-women Network, supervise projects, personel and review reports.
My work focuses on gender equality, health, human rights and sustainable livelihood. My responsibilities are Advocacy and networking, especially on women issues. My work includes civic education, gender and human right in HIV/AIDS intervention, targeting prison communities e.g prison workers and their wives, inmates and its environs. Others include violence against women and reproductive health, specifically family planning, with support from Global Rights, Cedpa,CENGOs, SACA and Pathfinder. My society is patriarchal and my work has enhanced enhanced women’s knowledge and involvement in governance and decision making. More women can now negotiate safe sex, exercise their voting rights, and acquire sustainable livelihood skills through vocational training and, above all, have access to inheritance.

Edwin Eyang Usang NGOCE
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I am Edwin Usang from the rainforest zone of the Cross River state, Nigeria. I work for NGO coalition for the Environment (NGOCE) as a program Director. Iam a B.SC. candidate in Environmental Biochemistry. I hold a post graduate diploma in Applied Biochemistry and another post graduate diploma in environmental management. Two of my research work were published in a scientific journal in 2006. My responsiblities include effective coordination of all the departmentsand caucuse in NGOCE to ensure yhat projects are implemented on schedule. I also liase with other ENGOs to seeks for areas of cooperation and collaboration of joint initiatives. Our focus is on forest conservation and protection, natural Resource management, assisting forest communities in alternative livelihoods practices and the provision of Resource centre for Reseach purposes. We also do policy Advocacy to bring our forestry laws to conform with nation and internation standard.

Robert Bassey Umera Youth Know Thyself Organization
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I am Robert Umera Jr. and the founder of youth know thyself oganisation. I hold a bachelor degree in Applied geophysics. Not long ago l found a strong passion in humanitarian work. So l decided to form “youth know thyself”. Our oranisation focus on youth development. We belief that for the youth in our society to appreciate the environment and reach out for goals, they is need for them to have a good mind set and an attitudinal change about their society. So here we groom youths to be patriotic citizens and help put them back on track with a focus on what they can give to the society that they have gain so much from. So if you are out there and you see the youth as agent of change in the society ,then you need to help us make them who there should be. They need to be trained on leadership perspective and empower to change their world. It can be done

Enwongo-Abasi Okon Reach-out Enterprise Development Initiative
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Enwongo-Abasi is a 37 year old mother of 3 boys who has a passion to see that positive change takes place in our communities, nation, continent, and the globe as a whole. She is an accountant and a pastor and she has a passion for developing entrepreneurial skills in people. She believes that the big corporations of the world started small and that everybody has the right to live a comfortable life. Enwongo-Abasi represents Reach-Out Enterprise Development Initiative as its Executive Director. The organization’s primary focus is on entrepreneurial development of women and youths in our community with emphasis on sustainable livelihood. She is responsible for the overall direction of the organization. She does the planning, research, and training of staff and development workers. In the organization, she has found out during field work that people in her community do not know how to keep records of their trading activities and need help in these areas. She loves to talk a lot to people about issues and hopes to be a country director in an international organization that concerns itself with development and sustainable livelihood.

Uket Uket Bassey Anebara-Agibara (Women Arise)
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My name is Uket Uket, I work for Anebana Gibera. I hold a certificate in Environment health and safety and a degree in environmental Resource management. I work as a project officer and some of my responsibilities are implementing the programmes of the organization through education on the right of the women and children, conduct trainings and workshops on sustainable livelihood alternatives, Assist women in Business plan development and providing support for start up business, coordinate educational outreaches in school class. Our areas of focus are vulnerable children and child right, Gender and women empowerment, sustainable livelihood and environment. We educate the women on their right and providing alternative source of livelihood by assisting them to state up business to make them independent. We also bring out the vulnerable children or street children out of the street by accommodating, training and providing vocational skills for them. We have also carried out or research in the area of gender and violence, snail farming, grasscutter farming and child crime. Our challenges are funds to set up a vocational centre, how to change the perception of the men and women, necessary skills to keep the work going, get more groups to work with in this area.

Ejibwa Onagha Irek Organization for Rural & Community Development (RUCODEV)
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I am Ejibwa Irek from Obudu in Cross River State, Nigeria. I am the Project Coordinator of Organization for Rural and Community Development (RUCODEV, formerly Grassroots Development Organization, GRADO). I hold M.Ed. (Educational Psychology), B.Sc. (Ed). And Higher Certificate in Environment and Community Development. Our passion for environmental justice and upliftment of rural women and youth informed the formation of this organization my Mrs. Gloria Monn and myself in 1996. Our projects have enabled 97,500 access to safe water and sanitation and good hygiene practices, 3 networks on reporting sanction of human rights abuses, 120 women in alterative livelihoods in animal production, micro credit to 76 people living with AIDS and physically challenged, and 820 women access to income generating skills. Commitment and passion is my driving force. I thank Concern Universal, GFW, AWDF, ED, Kinder Mission Work for assistance. Equipment of our vocational center and IT competency for rural women in urgently needed.

Jerry Akparawa CERCOPAN
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Jerry Akparawa is an environmental educator with CERCOPAN ( He has been working for 12 years. With onlky a diploma in Environmental Educatino, I reach out to our 4,000 students of ages 12-16 at an average of 80 per class, in 50 secondary schools annually. For visitors to CERCOPAN primate rehabilitation center, I talk to over 20,000 visitors, inclduign tourist and students. Some of my major messages include shy monkeys are not good pets and the need to protect them and their forest habitat. Since 2002, I have been organizing activities for the World Environment Day that brings together over 3000 participants involving school children, market women, government officials, and university lecturers and ENGOs. My work has attracted recognition from Disney Animal Kingdom and I was the International Primatological Society’s Conservation Education Commitment Award winner for 2007. My present vision is to use these students to plant 5000 trees before 5th June, 2009 and annually to tackle global warming and prepare for a low carbon economy.

Blessing Bassey Family Development Initiative
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I am Blessing. B.Oboh working with Family Development Initiative. I had a in Accountancy,the finance/ Admin. Manager
Focus on rural women and youths ( in and out school) mobilization towards behavioural change. We have reached out to 782 students on Hiv/Aids awareness creation, formation of peer health educator’s clubs and conservationclubs, provide palm seedlings andbush mangoto communities,organize skills acquisition training and construction of health centres, boleholes,school blocks and distribution of pesticide treated net to communities.carried out research on forest issues,conduct basline survey on water and sanitation, carried out need assessment in rural communities before projects execution, conducting trainings on participatory Rural Appraisals.

Michael Arong Ekpe CERCOPAN
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Michael Ekpe is my name. I work for CERCOPAN (Centre for Ecuation, Research and Conservation of Primates and Nature). I have a background in geography and environmental education “A” level. My current role is Community Liaison and Education Officer (CLEO) based in Iko Esai village, Rhoko forest site. My responsibilities are to create education awareness both formal and informal on conservation issues as it relates to behavior within the local communities, schools, churches, to effect a positive change. I also stand as a go-between the organization CERCOPAN and the village of Iko Esai (our host community) to promote mutual understanding and congenial relationship that will foster positive results for the project and the community at large. My main areas of work are Education and Community Relations. I am interested and happy doing my work because I love nature and I have passion for the environment. My interest was rekindled when I graduated from the University where I studied environmental education. I discovered the negative impact man have caused to the environment in terms of deforestation, wildlife extinction, and pollution. I had a vision to conserve the remaining environment around me for the sake of my children yet unborn. What triggered my vision was that my children at some point in the future will grow up never to enjoy or see the aesthetics of nature and also may never study related courses on the environment. Now I have four kids and all desire nature. I appeal to those of you out there to support my project and vision and for more details log onto Cheers.

Obio Owai Obio CERCOPAN
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I was bone into the family of late Evangelist and Mrs. Christain Owai Obio. I am a native of lko Esai in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State in Nigeria. I started my service with CERCOPAN as a labourer in 1999 and l was later employed into the position of education Assistant in the year 2000. After serving CERCOPAN for one year, l decided to further my education and l was successfully completed my studies in school. My graduation from the teriary institution as well as my good reputation with CERCOPAN resulted in my promotion to the position Assistant operations manager were l am working presently.

James Olabi Odey Development in Nigeria
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James Olabi Odey. Project Director of the non-governmental organization Development in Nigeria (DIN) by the African Research Association. Education: B.Sc. Geography and Regional Planning form University of Calabar, diploma in computer programming, Eraser computers, Calabar. James is an experienced natural resource management specialist with an interdisciplinary background and knowledge in areas including natural resource management and poverty reduction through environmental management and conservation in Nigeria. He is a conscientious and determined individual with significant experience working in rural areas in Nigeria in community development and natural resource management. Being Project Director of DIN, James is responsible for the day to day management of DIN’s programmes, including training programmes for staff, ensuring sustainable funding base for the organization, carrying out project monitoring and evaluation as part of project management, advise project coordinators on field and administrative matters, prepare donor narrative reports, monitor and evaluat annual work plans and strategic plan, prepare annual reports as well as networking with governemtn agencies and other civil society organizations. I am responsible for 26 local staff based in 5 offices working in 30 rural communities across Cross River State. Before joining DIN, James had more than four years of managerial position in one of the fast growing private secondary schools in the northern senatorial district of Cross River State. He has attended a number of leadership trainings including: Environmental Capacity Programme (ENCAP), organizaed by Associates for Rural Development, USA, International workshop on fundraising, capital campaigns and stewardship for tertiary institutions, NGOS and religious groups, organized by Ken Nnamani Centre for Leadership, as well as the current program Leading From Within-Integral Leadership for Sustainable Development organized by One Sky, Canada. James has aspiration to lead in an International Organization such as the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Mary Awhobiwom Undebe Development in Nigeria
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Mary Ukpanyang is a lawyer, gender equity activist and an environmentalist from Cross River State in Nigeria. Currently she is the Coordinator of Radiant Women Association (RAWAS), a rights-based not-for-profit, non-religious, non-partisan political and non-governmental organization, which she co-founded and registered in Cross River State in 2005. RAWAS vision is a world where women and men are equal partners at all levels of decision making. Currently RAWAS is a catalyst that sparks rapid development by empowering rural community women to have voice in policies that infringe on their environment, dignity, sustainable livelihood and economic independence. RAWAS therefore focuses on: women’s rights and advocacy, women’s environmental, including water, sanitation, hygiene and their livelihood, peace building and conflict resolution, and TB and HIV/AIDS. Very recently RAWAS sprearheaded the drafting and signing into law the rights of women in Cross River State to inherit and own property thus stopping the obnoxious cultural practice of girl-child disinheritance.

Juliet Olory Development in Nigeria
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Juliet Olory comes from a small forest surrounded village called Old Ekuri in Nigeria, with a degree in Agric. Economics and Extension. Juliet has passion to conserve the forest, protect the enveronment and rural development. She works with development in Nigeria, a non governmental organization whose core values are forest conservation, natual resources management and poverty alleviation. As a project coordinator, Juliet in the last five years has work with various communities groups in fifteen communities across her state of origin she has trained six women’s groups in bee keeping and domestication of non-timber forest products, increasing their economic status and reducing pressure on available ones in the forest. She has trained three hundred and ninety cocoa farmers in a participatory learning farming field school, keeping them reduce their dependence on use of chemicals and producing better quality cocoa. She is currently working on a project funded by the International Union for the Conservation Nature (IUCN) focused on conserving the Mbe Mountain forest. Her dream is to be involved in global environment and development issues, being a voice for the rural poor and seeking a balance between the two.

Gregory Agam Action for Rural Development
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Okon Efiong Enemi Green Vision Movement
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My name is Elder Okon E. Enemi, project Director Green Vision Movement, I have first degree in 2004 in policy studies and administration, Masters in policy studies and administration currently doing another masters in industrial sociology. My role in green Vision- project Director, planner, organizer and coordinator of programmes. Areas of focus are: water, sanitation/hygiene promotion health and worked actively on gender directed violence, empowerment of the less privilege e.g. women, youths and Bakassi returnees.
Presently Green Vision is working is working in two states in Nigeria –Cross River and Akaw Ibam .As well as 20 communities in the two state affecting communities dwellers positively in those areas of focused. Target groups are women, youths, Bakassi Returnees men and policy makers. Methodology adopted: intervention, education Advocacy.