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A Fork In The Road

Start Date: May 01, 2007
Completion Date: Oct 31, 2008
Country: Canada
  • EcoAction
Key Contact(s):

Nikki Skuce


Project Description

Our current food system is based upon the availability of artificially cheap food that carries a high environmental cost. Out of season imported fruit and vegetables are convenient now but the rising cost of oil and gas will undoubtedly change this and bring to light externalities. Local food production for local consumption has considerable potential to reduce the need for transportation and the rate of atmospheric CO2 accumulation and climate change. Locally produced foods also require less packaging and refrigeration and other preservation measures thus reducing the packaging waste stream, energy use, and the chemical load in foodstuffs. For the average American meal (and we assume the average Canadian meal is similar), World Watch reports that the ingredients typically travel between 2,500 and 4,000 kilometres, a 25 percent increase from 1980 alone. This average meal uses up to 17 times more petroleum products, and increases carbon dioxide emissions by the same amount, compared to an entirely local meal.

Given the links with climate change, energy use and rural economic development, One Sky is working on initiatives to promote local food security in the Bulkley Valley through A Fork In the Road. 

Our objectives are:
• To increase local awareness about the links between GHG emissions and food production and transportation.
• To encourage citizens to take action to reduce their energy footprint and reduce GHG through their energy and food choices.
• To provide incentives/recognition for getting involved and making a difference.
• To improve local food security in the Bulkley Valley.
• To service low-income residents with healthy, local food options in a sustainable way.
• To provide community volunteers with meaningful opportunities.

We are doing this through activities such as canning workshops, a wild mushroom workshop, a 100-mile diet gala dinner, an Eat Local challenge, a gleaning program (harvesting extra fruit and veggies and donating them to social service organizations), composting for local businesses, and outreach opportunities through the Farmer’s Market, Fall Fair, school talks and other events.

One Sky has developed a 2008 Calendar celebrating the local harvest! For more information or to order one, go to:

One Sky partnered with Action Research Exchange (ARX) at SFU to undertake research on local food security in the Bulkley Valley. Visit the publications section to download their final paper.