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Project Description

Virginia Stratton (Ginny)
Environment Programmer - Sierra Leone

This internship consisted of a three month orientation period in Smithers, B.C. to our Sierra Leone program that included working on a public engagement program regarding “blood diamonds” and diamond certification under the United Nations program and the proposed legislation in Canada. Ginny researched the underlying causes of environmental degradation in West Africa including the impacts of “blood diamonds” and wrote a paper outlining options for a “blood diamonds” campaign and the certification of diamonds. Diamonds are an underlying cause of the war in Sierra Leone and have had a devastating impact on the environment in Sierra Leone and similar areas in the Congo. While in Sierra Leone, Ginny assisted Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone with the implementation and follow up to our eco-curriculum program including the dissemination and further training of teachers in using eight previously developed “eco-modules”. Ginny worked with FOESL staff member Marion Coker and eight local womens groups to design and implement a micro-credit program, and carried out financial management capacity development activities with FOESL. Eventually Ginny returned to work with One Sky and develop further programming in Sierra Leone.

Jud Jones
Appropriate Technology Programmer - Sierra Leone

Jud also spent three months in Smithers B.C. preparing for her overseas component including purchasing a bus for shipment to Sierra Leone, conducting outreach activities to gather donations from Bulkley Valley residents and doing media outreach.  Jud also prepared for her trip through our public engagement program that included an awareness campaign of the role of international development in places like West Africa. While in Sierra Leone Jud worked at the Hamilton appropriate technology center to promote the use of appropriate technologies such as pedal powered pumps, a pedal powered cement tile making machine for sustainable housing (Sierra Leone power supply is largely unreliable because of the war so alternative power is much sought after).  She also worked on improving local understanding of our solar power installation and the use of sustainable building with composting toilets in a rural environment. Jud worked directly with the gender and children campaigner to integrate war affected children into the appropriate technology program.

Chris Hunter
CRE Project Assistant - Nigeria

Chris started his internship in December 2002, conducting research and compiling a background binder on Cross River State, Nigeria. Chris traveled to Nigeria early in 2004 with Cross River Environment (CRE) Project Coordinator Jennifer Castleden. Chris was integrally involved in the start-up of the four-year CRE Project, and was a tremendous assistance in setting up One Sky’s office in Cross River State, organizing a media launch for the project, and developing relationships with the five Nigeria environmental NGO partners involved in the project as well as Canadian partners. As well, Chris participated in strategic planning sessions and assisted in organizing a variety of capacity development workshops, contributing from his background as a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) in Canada with experience in the forestry industry in Western Canada.