Update from Sierra Leone: Sowing a Seed project

Dec 19. 07

Benji Kamara gives an update from Sierra Leone on the Sowing a Seed project.

Hello All,

I woke up this morning by the heavy wind of Harmattan, hearing noises from the branches of the palm tree outside my bedroom window. The wind was fresh and cool. I love the harmattan season, it is a breezy season and it’s a good balance for the heat because it keeps you cooler when the sun is too hot. 

The Sowing a Seed project is coming along positively in Freetown. Since I came Judah, Toesman, Bounamin and I have been meeting with teachers, head teachers and families to identify needy kids in different communities in order to give them the opportunity to go to school by paying school fees, providing text books, exercise books and uniforms for them. Among the kids that have benefited so far this year are 102 primary school kids and 50 boys from Cathedral Primary school benefited by providing text books for them.

Providing the text books for the boys was done on the advice of their head teacher Miss Koroma, who used to be my grade 5 teacher. She emphasized about the poor reading skills of the kids and how to empower them by providing reading materials for them; she also gives many many thanks to the people that are contributing towards the Sowing a Seed project in Sierra Leone and Canada.

Fifty girls benefited at my former elementary school, United Methodist Church Primary school in the eastern part of Freetown. Mr Francis Kamara, who used to be my grade 6 and 7 teacher, is still there at UMC and always happy for his former student Ibrahim Kamara bringing back to his school. It is amazing to see Mr Kamara’s face, he is full of joy and feeling proud for what we are doing and also making me feeling very good about my work.

18 secondary school kids have benefited so far. 13 of them are girls and among these girls 7 of them benefited from our programme last year. They are attending the Freetown Secondary School for Girls. 5 of these girls were promoted from Junior Secondary to Senior secondary. It is difficult for young girls to reach this level of education in Sierra Leone but these girls have committed themselves to continue their education and their head teacher Miss Davis said these girls have great potential. The support that we are providing for them is going to go a long way toward bringing them a brighter future.

I have more stories to tell when I come back! 

Ibrahim Kamara (Benji)

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