What can you do?

30 pts Create a backyard garden, help develop a residential community garden(s)
20 pts Create a backyard compost site, encourage community compost site
25 pts Buy local foods at farmer’s market or local farmer market gates
25 pts Encourage campaign for community access to locally grown food
20 pts Organize a local food security event (100-mile diet)
40 pts Avoid using pesticides on your garden and lawn, move to organic
5 pts Eat fresh foods right away upon purchase so food is not thrown out
10 pts Use a rain barrel to collect water and water outdoor plants and vegetables
10 pts Avoid buying wrapped/over-wrapped foods, purchase in larger quantity
5 pts Utilize reusable plastic containers for lunch, etc instead of disposables
10 pts Cut down on meat once a week, organize pasta or vegetarian meals
200 pts Total

What can your municipality do?

30 pts Establish community residential composting program and local compost site
20 pts Create and/or promote farmers’ market to support local farmers
25 pts Encourage community access to locally grown food, organic growing
10 pts Help create local food security event (organize a 100-mile meal/workshop)
10 pts Help establish community garden(s) for residents to grow food
30 pts Create a municipal pesticide reduction policy or a ban
125 pts Total


May 08. 09

Week #10 - Vehicle Dependancy

May 08. 09

Week #9 - Change a Lightbulb, Change the World

May 08. 09

Week #8 - Recycle Today, Change the World

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