Is your heating bill too high? Try some of these ideas:

10 pts Lower water heater temperature to approved level, insulate your water heater
10 pts Install a low-flow showerhead and take shorter showers (no more than five minutes)
15 pts Weatherstrip/caulk doors and windows in your home, upgrade insulation
25 pts Purchase an energy efficient furnace, regularly maintain your existing furnace
50 pts Switch to green power, install solar panels, solar hot water heater or geothermal
30 pts Buy Energy Star windows to be more energy efficient
20 pts Invest in an Energy Efficient water heater
5 pts Open curtains during the winter to let more light and heat in, close blinds during
the summer
20 pts Use One Sky’s Energy Smart tip list when buying an energy efficient new home
15 pts Participate in your municipality’s woodstove upgrade exchange program
200 pts Total

Municipal Contenders, the heat is on (and efficient)!

5 pts Initiate a community woodstove upgrade exchange program
50 pts Install or operate a district heating project or other large scale renewable project
20 pts Begin renewable energy or heat recover program for municipal buildings/pools
10 pts Acknowledge furnace replacement within last five years, plan for next five years
20 pts Initiate solar hot water heater installation(s) in municipal buildings
10 pts Install E-rated (argon-filled) windows in municipal buildings
5 pts Install programmable thermostats and reduce settings in municipal facilities
5 pts Implement efficiency measures (caulking, plastic on windows)
125 pts Total


May 08. 09

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