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Stop “wasting” time! Here’s what you can do:

30 pts Reuse, Reduce, Refuse as your philosophy
10 pts Separate waste further in order to recycle at home more efficiently
20 pts Avoid access packaging and overuse of plastic bags
10 pts Establish a green or local purchasing policy with your Council
15 pts Encourage local designated green spaces, urban gardens
40 pts Create your own zero-waste management plan
10 pts Donate used clothing to local programs at churches, social agencies
15 pts Establish a local Recycling Committee to improve recycling
15 pts Cut down on consumerism - i.e., share newspapers, borrow CDs/films
20 pts Live, work within a walkable, mixed-use neighbourhood
15 pts Buy environmental-friendly products for cleaning
200 pts Total

What can your community do?

25 pts Improve on existing recycling program
10 pts Create green or local purchasing policy within local government operations,
identify ways to reduce consumption
50 pts Aim for zero-waste management with municipal buildings
10 pts Establish municipal volunteer Recycling/Environment Advisory Committee
30 pts Create a residential water savings campaign – i.e., replacement toilet and
showerhead installation program
125 pts Total


May 08. 09

Week #10 - Vehicle Dependancy

May 08. 09

Week #9 - Change a Lightbulb, Change the World

May 08. 09

Week #8 - Recycle Today, Change the World

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