Past Directors

John Baine, Victoria, B.C.

John is a microsoft computer consultant based in Victoria, B.C., who helped to found One Sky in the year 2000. He diligently attended our Annual General Meetings and became involved in the Nigeria Project while also being a board member of the Sierra Club of B.C. Thank you, John, for your willingness to solve computer problems over the phone for so many years and for helping us to found One Sky.


John Baine chats it up with Prime Minister Jean Chretien in Nigeria, West Africa as part of One Sky

Tom Buri, Smithers, B.C.

Tom is a lawyer, author, artist, lover of horses and above all a storyteller.  He lives in the Bulkley Valley and was on the One Sky board from 2004-2008.  Tom still supports from afar, keeping One Sky on track via sage advice and mentorship.

Hélène Fleury, Smithers, B.C.

For the past twelve years Helene has been creating experiential learning opportunities for children and youth related to the environment, food security, global issues, and music. She is currently working as a full time mom to baby Sacha in Smithers, until she returns to work using her new Masters in Environmental Education and Communication Degree as an elementary school teacher or curriculum designer, where she hopes to help foster sustainable behaviour in our children and youth as one way to limit the ecological crisis the world is now facing.

Linda Geggie, Victoria, B.C.

Linda Geggie was a founding member of One Sky in the year 2000 and was with us for three years.  At the time she was running the Lifecycles project in Victoria B.C. and brought her unique experience in running non profit organizations to One Sky.  She has since been raising two children where she lives in Victoria B.C.  Thank you, Linda, for helping us start One Sky.


Linda Geggie and family enjoying the Canadian winter

Meg Hobson, Smithers, B.C.

Meg is originally from Australia and came to Canada twenty years ago in November thinking she could bike and hike across the country. Needless to say, she ditched the bike and caught a Greyhound bus to Smithers and never really left. Meg has a degree in Printmaking and a Diploma of Horticulture and has worked in a variety of areas including outdoor education, arts and culture, alternate farming and food production, interspersed with many volunteer community based projects.

Chris Hunter, Paulatuk, N.T.

Chris first joined One Sky as an intern on the Cross River Environmental Capacity Development Project in 2002 and 2003.  With a background in professional forestry, his current residence in a small Inuvialuit community on the arctic coastline often leaves him with feelings of vertigo and disorientation.  It is here in Paulatuk, NT that Chris works in a cooperative setting in managing one of our most remote national parks.  Chris has a passion for the people and the communities in which he finds himself, often devoting his time and energy to causes supporting youth, athletics and healthy, sustainable living.

Kara Jenne, Smithers, B.C.

Kara Jenne was with us for one term in 2009-2010. Formerly with the Northwest Community College, Kara has been a long time supporter of One Sky.

John Kelson, Smithers, B.C.

John is a climber, conservationist, adventurer and entrepreneur. He owns and operates the world’s premier company that builds canopy walkways.  Perched high above in the trees these walkways serve as tourist attractions and a means of sustainable livelihood in many parts of the world.  Greenheart Conservation Company has been synergistically involved in partnership with One Sky in Nigeria and Peru.

John Lydon,Victoria, B.C.

John Lydon was a founding member of One Sky and was on the board from 2000-2002, until he had twins and realized how much time it takes to raise a family.  John brought his experience working in Central America doing human rights work to One Sky.  Thank you, John, for helping us start the organization!

Emily McGiffin, Smithers, B.C.

Formerly working with us in sierra Leane, Emily became a board member with us in 2009/10. While at One Sky she initiated the One Sky project called the Carshare co-op and is now a board member of the independently registered cooperative.

Karen Nyce, Smithers, B.C.

Karen Nyce worked with One Sky for one term in 2008, Karen continues to be a long time supporter of One Sky.

Sandra Smith, Smithers, B.C.

Sandra was a One Sky board member from 2001-2008. Along with Sandra Thomson, she played a valuable role in One Sky’s formative first years and was both board chair and co-chair. She is the owner operator of SparkDesign Web & Print a leading web and print design company located in Smithers, B.C. She loves to ski, hike and generally indulge in the geographic luxuries of the Bulkley Valley. 

Kim Struthers, Smithers, B.C.

Kim Struthers was a board member of One Sky in 2009/10 before becoming a staff person in charge of the Go2 carshare cooperative. She also worked with us on the Energetic Olympics program in Northwest BC.

Sandra Thomson, Gabriola Island, B.C.

Sandra Thomson is one of One Sky’s founding directors and was involved from 2000-2008. Instrumental from the beginning, for her last three years she also occupied the position of both chair and co-chair.  Sandra is a healing practitioner with extensive past experience in international development including project coordinator of the Gaia Project of the Sierra Club of B.C.  She currently lives on Gabriola Island and is a director with The Drishti Centre for Integral Action.

Ivan Thompson, Smithers, B.C.

Ivan Thompson is an independent environmental consultant based in Smithers, B.C., who joined One Sky in 2002 and worked with us until 2004.  He became very involved in our Sierra Leone educational project and traveled to Freetown as part of our teacher delegation. At the time he was a senior administrator in the Northwest Community College.  Thank you, Ivan, for your interest in One Sky and your willingness to carry out so many Myers Briggs personality tests over the years.


Ivan Thompson pumping up donated soccer balls in the heat of Freetown