Thank you for your interest in the One Sky Youth Internship program. One Sky was not successful in obtaining funding for our youth internship program this year (2011). For a list of successful organizations who may be able to offer you an internship please consult the Canadian International Development agency website. To those who are interested in our proposed aboriginal youth internship program please contact the Canadian International Development Agency of successful organizations.  We expect to post our next round of internship positions sometime this summer.

This information was compiled in order to familiarize potential applicants with the CIDA International Youth Internship program, its objectives and background. We are not currently accepting applications.  (As of June 2011)


We receive a considerable amount of inquiries regarding our internships so please exercise patience.

To apply for a CIDA funded internship you must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, aged 30 or under at the time of participation, unemployed or under-employed, and must not have previously participated in a YES Canada internship.

To apply for an One Sky Open Internship you must articulate your interest in the volunteering opportunity and go through the interview process.

Objectives of the Internships:
• to provide work skills and experience to youth interns and help them enter the job market or create entrepreneur opportunities
• to strengthen the existing work of One Sky and our partners by providing interns
• to develop environmentally aware youth with international understanding, experience and appreciation
• to strengthen North-South partnerships and the Southern NGO by providing them with Canadian youth interns
• to strengthen cross-Canada solidarity and understanding in the environmental sector

Internship time frame:
Should you become a successful applicant you will be required to attend a preliminary orientation to the work and objectives of One Sky. Following this brief probationary period you will be given a follow-up evaluation. You MUST receive a positive evaluation in order to continue with the program. All interns will spend approximately 12 weeks in Canada, six months living and working overseas, and time for debriefing and job searching at the end of the internship.

What you should expect
Many of the countries where we place interns are rated low on the UN’s Annual Human Development Index and some have experienced recent conflicts. Infrastructure is cursory and many of the things we take for granted here in Canada are simply not available. All applicants should be fully aware that none of the One Sky internships are easy. Each placement will be deeply challenging endeavour that will force various forms of personal growth. You will be working under difficult conditions and you will be expected to perform.

You will be trained in many aspects of being an effective environmental advocate, including personal leadership. Expect to spend a very full year after which you will have solid, employable skills. You will be working with other mature and competent individuals as a team while in Canada. Your accommodation could be challenging and financial compensation will be minimal. Expect long hours, a lot of job satisfaction, growth in self-awareness and friendships that will last a lifetime. One Sky is a stimulating but demanding place to work.

Suggestions on how to apply:
Think about what relevant experiences you have had. What difficult or challenging group situations or places have you been in? Include them in your resume or covering letter. These are more important than you may think. We are looking for potential environmental leaders with commitment, integrity and willingness to push their own boundaries.Tell us why you are interested in sustainable living issues. Why are you interested in the developing world and the environment? WHY do you really want this internship? If you cannot make it clear on paper don’t expect us to figure it out. We are looking for highly motivated individuals… are you in that category?Think about it! We have to weed out the moderate from the excellent resumes. Don’t lose your chance because of spelling or formatting mistakes and don’t even think about being late. Check out the wording in this application then clearly show why you are the right person for the internship. A resume is not the place to be modest…tell us what we need to know. LET US KNOW WHAT POSITION(S) YOU ARE APPLYING FOR!

Do some research. If you are granted an interview we will expect you to know something about the subjects you will be dealing with. If you know something about the project then you have a much stronger chance of writing an appropriate resume.

If your application is successful and you are interviewed:
Do yourself a favour and get on the Internet and read about the project country before you are interviewed and know that others WILL prepare. If you have no idea where you will be going don’t expect us to want to send you there.Think about why you are on the planet, what you hope to do in life, what are your aspirations and how this program fits in BEFORE the interview. Think long and hard because we WILL ask you.
Be calm, confident and be yourself…we expect a lot but we are reasonable people and you can expect a lot from us. If you got as far as an interview it’s because we already have confidence in you.

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