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Strategic Plan

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Burns Lake Community Energy Plan By Benoît Rivard. September 2008

A fork in the road: The impact of eating locally.By Alexxa Abi-Jaoude, Shirin Kiani, Rachel McKay, Anne Paxton and Jocelyn Tomkinson. November 2007.

“The Challenge of Sustainable Bioenergy: Balancing climate protection, biodiversity and development poicy. A discussion Paper”, By Gerald Knauf and Jürgen Maier (German NGO Forum Environment & Development), Nikki Skuce (OneSky - Canada), Annie Sugrue (CURES Southern Africa). June 2007

Cross River Environment Project: Forest Community Consultation Policy Brief, Editors: Kelly Chapman (One Sky), Odigha Odigha (NGOCE) and Alade Adeleke (SPACE), 2007

“When Gas Explodes”, By Michael Simpson (One Sky). June 2007

One Sky Net Metering Case Study, by Allison Bryan and Nikki Skuce (One Sky). March 2007

One Sky renewable energy case studies in the Bulkley Valley. Geothermal case study. Photovoltaic Case Study. Microhydro Case Study. Wind case study. By Nikki Skuce and Allison Bryan. March 2007.

Smithers Community Energy Plan, By Josha Macnab and Nikki Skuce. March 2007.

“Green Bling - Diamonds without the conflicts”, By Nikki Skuce. The Tyee, February 14, 2007.

Cross River Environment Project: Gender Mainstreaming for Environmental Projects, By Stella Odey, Patricia Eyamba and Kelly Chapman (One Sky). November 2007.

“International Cooperation - Moving Toward a Sustainable Energy Future”, By Nikki Skuce (One Sky) for the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance (CanREA) model national renewable energy strategy. August 2006.

Food Choices and the Environment: A Food Miles Analysis of Local vs. Conventional Foods in Smithers, By Matthew Kitchen (One Sky). September 2006

Cross River Environment Project: CRE Coalition Profile One Sky, September 2006

Cross River Environment Project: HIV & AIDS Strategic Planning Workshop Report, By Evelyne Ssengendo (One Sky). January 2006

Cross River Environment Project: HIV & AIDS Workplace Policy Workshop Report, By Evelyne Ssengendo (One Sky). July 2006.

Cross River Environment Project: Gender Audit Assessment Report, By Stella Odey (One Sky). February 2006

Cross River Environment Project: Gender Equality Strategy, By Patricia Eyamba and Kristin Patten (One Sky). April 2006

Cross River Environment Project: A Case Study on Ecotourism in Cross River State, Nigeria, By Gail Hochachka and Susan Liu (One Sky) 2006

Cross River Environment Project: Ecosystem Based Management in CRS DRAFT Report, by Larry McCulloch (LM Forest Resource Solutions Ltd.) and Gabriel Ogar (Living Earth Nigeria Foundation) for the CRE Project. April 2006.

Cross River Environment Project: Forestry Community Consultation Results, compiled by Kelly Chapman (One Sky). August 2006

“Pitching In” - Kids care for the environment in Sierra Leone, By Catherine Ripley, OWL Magazine. September 2005 Issue.

“Small Small” - Ecological Governance in Nigeria, By Gail Hochachka, Research Associate for the POLIS Project.

Women Arise - A Dialogue on Gender Implementation, By Gail Hochachka and Sandra Thomson for the Canadian Council for International Cooperation.

One Sky Executive Director Michael Simpson featured in Grist Magazine.

Summit or Plummet? A call for Canadian leadership 10 years after Rio, by the Canadian Environmental Network’s Forum on the World Summit for Sustainable Development. Coordinated and edited by One Sky. June 2002.

Uncovering Greenwash: Challenging our governments into action, coordinated by Gidon Bromberg (FOEME) and Nikki Skuce (One Sky). August 2002.

ENGO Report on the WSSD, by Nikki Skuce (One Sky) and Angela Rickman (Sierra Club of Canada). September 2002.

“Rebuilding After War: Environmental Education in Sierra Leone”, by Nikki Skuce. Green Teacher, Fall 2002, Issue 69.

“Human Security and Agriculture: A Case study of the One Sky/Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone partnership project”, By Nikki Skuce, One Sky with comments and revisions by Christopher Buzie, Friends of the Earth Sierra Leone. Sowing Seeds in Canada and Abroad: Addressing issues of sustainable agriculture. Case studies by organizations of the Canadian Environmental Network’s International Program (

Sierra Leone and the Environment: A Handbook for Environmental Education. By One Sky and FOESL. July 2002. Contact the One Sky office for a copy ( or 250-877-6030).  Quarterly_Report_Peru_VSF_Nov15_2007v3.pdfQuarterly_Report_Peru_VSF_Nov15_2007v3.pdfQuarterly_Report_Peru_VSF_Nov15_2007v3.pdfQuarterly_Report_Peru_VSF_Nov15_2007v3.pdf