Staff Stories

Musings on Interns

In 2005/06 four interns joined us in our fifth round of interns.  Intern coordinator Kristin Patten writes about mountain climbing and internship coordinating in this short story…

Historic Letters from 2000

Well, here I am in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  My goal to research the war affected child for a documentary and to establish contact with Friends of the Earth – Sierra Leone.  The road leading me here partly fate, partly political and partly personal. 

2nd letter, June 2000

Yesterday, Sunday, was the Day of the African Child.  Actually it was Friday but since the one kid broke a bottle over the other kids head they postponed things until Sunday.  Everyone was dressed in “fine clothes” and there was a big dance in the courtyard. 

3rd letter, June 24 2000

Curfew here is eleven p.m. and is taken quite seriously.  Last night I found myself walking up to a military checkpoint at midnight trying to get home. We were trying to fetch 'Black Mosquito' who is fifteen.

4th letter, July 2000

I have been promoted to an inept cultural director of West African dancers and drummers while still holding down my job as an inept basketball coach.