One Sky Promotes Local Producers and Partners with the Northwest Premium Meat Cooperative

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Farming represents the holistic approach our organization strives for by benefiting the Bulkley Valley environmentally, socially, and economically. 

By supporting local farmers we are keeping our money in the local economy, while distancing ourselves from the globalized meat market - a market that is dominated by large scale, factory farms.  Local farming differs from these operations, as smaller operations are more likely to be diverse, humane, and environmentally sustainable.  In fact, the North West Premium Meat Co-op farmers have been lobbying for ‘grass fed’ regulations in order to protect the health of the animal and consumer.  Buying from local farms also reduces Green House Gas emissions from unnecessary transportation. 

The Northwest Premium Meat Co-op represents farms just like the one you may see along the highway every day and allows them to compete with large scale, out of area farms. The producer’s name is on each of the products, either beef, lamb, or pork, and the customer is encouraged to develop a relationship with the producer(s).  This promotes accountability and separates this organization from the impersonal industrial operations in the south.
In a market heavily dominated by “Intensive Livestock Operations” which put their profit before the health and safety of the community they serve we feel the North West Premium Meat Co-op is a huge step toward local food security and sustainability. 

One Sky is excited to promote this organization and invites you come take a taste of Bulkley Valley beef at one of our TGIF barbecues held at lunchtime every Friday until Aug 15. 


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