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After zooming between worlds-Freetown, Boston, Rhode Island, Guelph, Toronto and back to Freetown- I find myself feeling a little…. weird. I am wondering if my Aunt’s theory about airplane travel creating a lag between the soul and the body has some truth in it. I have also begun a fast so maybe I am confusing an existential crisis with plain old hunger. Actually I am not even hungry, just contending with this hovering feeling of “Now what?” That being said, the ‘what’ is rapidly materializing with various projects on the go and positive elements to each.

First and most importantly, is the network for ecotourism stakeholders. I am still working on a name, but something like SUSTAIN: Sierra Leone Eco-Travel Network. I am taking suggestions, so long as they come cheap- I’m a working gal on a stipend after all! I am planning to create a website for the network, which will have to happen once I am back in Canada.

The fantastic news regarding the network is that I may have financial backing at least with respect to the launch event. The maiden meeting will take the form of a charette; a meeting of interested parties dialoguing around an issue of mutual concern-ecotourism. Actors will have the opportunity to meet one another; to define their respective roles in the fledgling tourism industry; and discuss how they envisage making tourism economically viable and environmentally/ socially sustainable in Sierra Leone. A collective vision will be sought and exposure for various ‘green’ initiatives provided. There is a great deal of support and even enthusiasm around this idea and failing all else- there will be food and dancing. Also, I am enforcing a strict ‘no power point’ policy for the meeting so hopefully people won’t want to rip out their eyeballs throughout the meeting.

The second great piece of news is that I am not being forced to relocate to another office for my work with the security company. Driving an extra 2 hours away through the most tedious traffic imaginable seemed like the worst idea in the world to me and thankfully by the grace of God and computer memory sticks I won’t have to.

So things are fantastic, but my feelings of accomplishment and contentment all rest on the success of the network meeting. Fingers crossed…..


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