District of Chetwynd
Population: 3,100
Highlight: Windmills have longed the boulevard since 2004, generating power for the lights all year-long.

In a sport like boxing, an athlete can sometimes transcend his or her weight class with pure talent and skill. Chetwynd is no different in terms of holding its own on green initiatives. Whether it’s wind, solar or geo-thermal, this small Northeastern district is doing it all!


Four windmills were installed along the north side of the highway beside the 80-foot trees that long it. The windmills power energy efficient LED lights to 71 trees along the boulevard. Members of the community sponsor a tree which is lit all year for everyone to enjoy. The windmills also store energy in a battery for windless periods as well as periods of high demand.

The windmills have also sparked interest from other communities and various groups which helps to enhance Chetwynd’s community identity. “Information requests have been received from the ski club in nearby Dawson Creek as well as from business and individuals interested in using windmills for cottages, farms and various other projects” explains Rob Crisfield, Deputy Director of Engineering and Public Works.

Solar Power

Crosswalk lights at Highway #97 and 53rd street receive energy from a solar powered LED system; this is the sole source of energy for the push button crosswalk lights. The Ministry of Transportation is also using solar power flashing lights at a nearby crosswalk.

Geo-thermal – Green Building Technology

Near its completion, the new airport terminal will boast some innovative new technologies like water-free urinals, cork flooring and low-impact building materials (i.e. tin roof). The building will be heated through a geo-thermal system.

Carbon Emissions

The District of Chetwynd have been participating in an informal anti-idling program for several years. Council has directed the Administration to join Fraser Basin Council’s E3 Fleet Program and develop an anti-idling policy for council approval; this is expected to be approved before November 2008.

It is clear that the District of Chetwynd, both the municipality and its residents, strive for a reputation as a progressive “green” municipality and as the most liveable community in BC. It firmly believes that most people will have to get their electricity from renewable resources such as wind or solar power to the benefit of all.

If you are curious about how such cutting edge initiatives are carried out, feel free to contact Rob Crisfield at 250.401.4100 or

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