Name: Town of Smithers
Population: 5,217
Highlights: After completing a Community Energy Plan in 2007, the Town of Smithers has been striving to implement the recommended actions. Initiatives include developing a trail/bicycle network plan and supporting a Woodstove Exchange Program with 500$ rebates to trade in an old inefficient stove.

The Town of Smithers is actively moving towards becoming a greener, more livable community. Currently, there are initiatives in both the planning and implementation stages.

Community Energy Plan

In March 2007 the Town of Smithers completed a Community Energy Plan (CEP). The Smithers CEP addresses the following questions: How much energy does Smithers use? How many GHGs are produced in Smithers? What are the air quality issues in Smithers? What actions can Smithers take to address climate change? During a community workshop held on February 8th, 2007, Smithers residents generated a number of suggestions for how to reduce GHGs in the community. These suggestions formed the basis of the recommended actions presented in the CEP.

Including sustainable practice in the Official Community Plan

Currently, the Town’s OCP is under review (February 2008 to November 2008). Incorporating GHG reduction targets, green design, and sustainbility principles serves as the foundation of the entire plan. Also, the immediate action items from the CEP will be incorporated into the plan, which include: Adopt a GHG reduction target and incorporate in the Official Community Plan and include a commitment to energy efficiency in the OCP. In January 2008, the Town of Smithers joined the Partners for Climate Protection Program through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Air Quality

Air quality is a significant concern for Smithers. Emissions of particulate matter from various sources result in poor air quality on many days of the year. To address this, the Town of Smithers is a sponsoring partner for the Woodstove Exchange Program and works in partnership with the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society on strategies to improve air quality. A number of actions have resulted from this. In 2006, the Town sponsored a Clean Air Bylaw Workshop and in August 2006, the Town adopted a Wood Burning Appliance Smoke Control Bylaw. In addition, the Town offers rebates of $500 per woodstove trade-in. The Town is also active in promoting active transportation through the development of new trail linkages throughout the community.

Sustainable Smithers Advisory Committee

In March, 2008, the Town of Smithers established a Sustainable Smithers Advisory Committee. The purpose of this Committe is to advise council on the sustainability issues impacting the Town of Smithers and those matters referred to it. In addition, the Committee will identify, promote and facilitate sustainability projects.

Energy Efficiency Checklist

The Town of Smithers is working on a volunteer Energy Efficiency Checklist for residential building permits and homeowners. In the development of this checklist, the Town hosted a lunch n’ learn session with local realtors to gather feeback.

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