Name: Town of Sechelt
Population: 8,455
Highlight: Local forestry is operated by an accountable, public and inclusive community forest which strives to preserve the biological integrity of the region, while channeling revenue back to the community.

Looking at the Town of Sechelt, it isn’t hard to imagine why this community places a high premium on the protection of its physical environment. Nesteled at the base of the Pacific Range Mountains on the shores of Georgia Straight, it is a place that inspires lighter treading on the earth.


The city of Sechelt has taken multiple steps towards addressing air pollution by enacting bylaws that prohibit backyard burning. Instead they provide free disposal of yard and garden waste at the Sechelt Landfill site, operated by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

They have also addressed air pollution by streamlining their municipal fleet with smaller 6-cylinder trucks for groundwork, and with biodiesel retrofits to decrease their dependency on petroleum fuels.

In order to proactively address carbon emissions from transportation, community leaders in Sechelt set an example last year by participating in the Commuter Challenge, with staff members from the hospital competing against municipal staff to promote community health by walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling or even working from home when possible, instead of driving alone to work.

Green Building

In accordance with municipal bylaws, all new building construction in Sechelt complies by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Developmental) green building standards. LEED is an internationally recognized standard for best sustainable building practices which provides transparent third-party rating and accreditation for construction. This way it is guaranteed that architects, managers and builders in Sechelt abide by the most energy efficient methods, and use the lowest impact methods, in new developments.

Community Forestry

Like elsewhere in BC, forestry plays an integral role in maintaining the economic health of the region. The town of Sechelt has opted for an inclusive, community-based forest management system that ensures forest resources are managed in a manner that conserves the biodiversity of the region. Public community forestry also ensures profits from ecologically appropriate timber harvest go towards the benefit of the community, while allowing for transparent, public monitoring of forest operations. This year alone, the sale of ecologically harvested timber resulted in $20 000 being roled back into the community. For more information on the Sunshine Coast Community Forest, visit .">

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