Name: Village of Telkwa
Population: 1,295
Highlights: The Northwest Premium Meat Co-op, based in Telkwa, provides local meat to residents in the Bulkley Valley. Combine that with a bus transit service to Smithers 5 days a week and Telkwa is on its way to reducing its energy footprint.

Bus Transit Service

A Transit bus shuttles Telkwa residents into Smithers 5 days a week, from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

The service is sponsored by the Town of Smithers in partnership with the Village of Telkwa, the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako and BC Transit. The system is operated by Smithers Community Services Association. The system serves major neighbourhoods and destinations throughout the area, including the Rec Centre, College and Hospital.

For more information, visit their Smithers-Telkwa Bus Transit.

Northwest Premium Meat Co-op

The Northwest Premium Meat Co-Operative in Telkwa is a leading example of moving toward a more sustainable food system.  This local abattoir and processing facility is owned and governed by the producers and consumers it serves, processing and selling locally raised beef, pork and lamb from a government inspected facility. 

This new facility allows local producers to be on a level playing field with large meat processing plants, offering consumers the ability to choose local over long-haul. The Co-op also sells quality, grass-fed, organic meat products at its Telkwa storefront.

It is founded on principles of sustainability, quality and the joys of local eating.

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