Dawson Creek


Name: Dawson Creek
Population: 11,811
Highlights: Dawson Creek is our Silver winner in the Heavyweight Division, scoring a total of 31,070 points. Dawson Creek was given the Green City Award in 2007 for its community energy planning and actions, including conservation and developing alternative sources.

Tucked away in the North-eastern portion of B.C., Dawson Creek is playing a major role in municipal leadership around sustainability and renewable energy. They are certainly putting their money where their mouth is.

Sustainability Planning Project

Dawson Creek is in Phase III of its sustainability planning project, which is based on the concept of “back casting”. This involves creating a “sustainable” vision of the future and working backwards to determine how to achieve it. Phase I was the visioning and Phase II identified all of Dawson Creek’s current initiatives and how they were or were not contributing to overall sustainability.

Solar Strategy – Buildings and Operations

In addition to the solar hot water installations on the City Hall and Fire Hall completed in 2006, in 2008 the City has installed solar hot water systems on the RCMP building, airport, public works yard and Sudeten Hall.

The City will be outfitting 14 bus stops with solar lighting technology and parts of the new walking trail will also have solar lights to increase safety and walkability.

PCP Milestone 3 completed

With the completion of the Phase II of the Community Energy Plan, the City has now completed milestones 1, 2 and 3 of the FCM Partners for Climate Protection program. These milestones are:
1. Energy baselines for community and corporate energy use
2. Targets for GHG reduction set for both community and corporate GHG reduction
3. Action plans established for the reduction of energy consumption for both community and corporate energy use

Education (Northern Lights College)

Northern Lights College is now offering solar hot water installation training and is developing curriculum to offer wind turbine maintenance and geothermal installations.

There are many more initiatives happening in Dawson Creek. Contact Emanuel Machado for more details at .

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