Name: Town of Gibsons
Population: 4,182
Highlights: All new planning is done according to the ‘Smart Growth’ standards that mixes land use, provides a variety of transportation options, encourages growth in existing communities and preserves open spaces.

Water Metering project

The Town of Gibsons is upgrading their water system for the whole community. This involves metering on not only new residential homes but new businesses as well, which allows both of these to see how much water they use, and how much money they spend. It will not add chlorine, and it will pass rigorous provincial standards.

Partners for Climate Protection

Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Initiative, which makes them part of a network of Canadian communities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by:
• Creating a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and forecast;
• Setting an emissions reductions target;
• Developing a local action plan;
• Implementing the local action plan or a set of activities; and
• Monitoring progress and reporting results.

Smart Growth

All new planning is done according to the Smart Growth standards.  These standards consist of:
• Mix land uses. Each neighbourhood has a mixture of homes, retail, business, and recreational opportunities.
• Build well-designed compact neighbourhoods. Residents can choose to live, work, shop and play in close proximity. People can easily access daily activities, transit is viable, and local businesses are supported.
• Provide a variety of transportation choices. Neighbourhoods are attractive and have safe infrastructure for walking, cycling and transit, in addition to driving.
• Create diverse housing opportunities. People in different family types, life stages and income levels can afford a home in the neighbourhood of their choice.
• Encourage growth in existing communities. Investments in infrastructure (such as roads and schools) are used efficiently, and developments do not take up new land.
• Preserve open spaces, natural beauty, and environmentally sensitive areas. Development respects natural landscape features and has higher aesthetic, environmental, and financial value.
• Protect and enhance agricultural lands. A secure and productive land base, such as BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve, provides food security, employment, and habitat, and is maintained as an urban containment boundary.
• Utilize smarter, and cheaper infrastructure and green buildings. Green buildings and other systems can save both money and the environment in the long run.
• Foster a unique neighbourhood identity. Each community is unique, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive.
• Nurture engaged citizens. Places belong to those who live, work, and play there. Engaged citizens participate in community life and decision-making

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