Name: Ladysmith
Population: 7,538
Highlight:  Citizens can compost to their heart’s content since Ladysmith adopted its weekly organic waste pickup initiative - the first of its kind in Western Canada.

Like many towns in BC, Ladysmith first made its mark on the map as a resource town, subsisting on revenue from forestry and fisheries. With the downturn of these industries, Ladysmith has succeeded in reinventing itself as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors seeking escape from the bustle of life in Nanaimo and Victoria. As caretakers of this seaside playground, the Township of Ladysmith and its residents have taken steps to safeguard their natural resources through long-sighted planning and efficient consumption.

Recycling and Compost Pickup

People wishing to be conscientious about their household waste couldn’t ask for better support then what’s provided by the Town of Ladysmith. Not only do they offer unlimited-volume biweekly curbside pickup of recyclable material, but they offer pickup for organic waste!

More and more communities in BC are building community composts for food waste, but Ladysmith was the first town in Western Canada to introduce a pickup service. Each household is issued two organic collection containers; one for kitchen use to hold daily compost waste, and a second to be filled over the course of the week and wheeled out for pickup.

Sustainability Visioning

Ladysmith has recently adopted Sustainability Visioning Process, whereby citizens are invited to help shape the development of their communities through discussions and workshops. Workshops aim to stimulate discussion on how to create “a complete community that is ecologically, socially and financially sustainable”. The town has developed an interactive website to promote the new initiative, and is making sure to engage its next generation of decision-makers by promoting itself to youth on sites like Myspace and Facebook.

Water Conservation

In order to promote more efficient water use, the Town offers $75 rebates to local businesses and residents who are replacing toilets that use 13 litres or more with a CSA-approved new low-flush model. The town also offers materials for download online with useful information on how to retrofit other appliances for water efficiency. 

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